• Amazon hints about Zune HD Xbox Live integration

    Microsoft officially outed the Zune HD a week ago, but the Amazon product listing under the Technical Details section is talking about Xbox Live integration that wasn’t mentioned in the Microsof presser. Integration with the Xbox LIVE network gives you access to millions of videos, TV shows, and games from Xbox LIVE720p HD video output to your HDTV with optional docking station There is… Read More

  • eBay auction for ‘Hitman’ XBL Gamertag

    I really, really hope someone with too much money and little-to-no first person shooter skills wins this auction. Imagine seeing a player with the Gamertag “Hitman” on your team in Call of Duty, only to watch him get killed over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Read More

  • Fracture demo going live September 18 for Xbox 360

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=34642 Lucas Arts’ upcoming Fracture title won’t be available for retail until October 7th in the US, but everyone will get a chance to play, if you’re on XBL, on September 18th. Read More

  • Rumor of Duh: Next-gen Xbox will let you keep your gamertag, achievements, etc.

    Sometimes we come across rumors that are kind of no-brainers, things you know are pretty damned likely, such as this one from Joystiq claiming that the next version of the Xbox, due a few years out, will allow you to keep your XBL gamer tag, achievements, and other personalized content when you upgrade. Microsoft would be foolish not to do this, as the stuff is all XML based and it would be… Read More

  • XBL crapping out

    I haven’t been playing much in the last week or so, but I know there were some issues and everything seemed to have been resolved over the weeekend. I remember having difficulty signing in and gave up after a couple attempts. I thought it was just my network connection. But I guess not. Anyone still having problems with XBL? What should MS do to make this up to us? Is the Zune… Read More

  • XBL accounts pwn3d, Microsoft does nothing

    An XBL user has reported that his account has been hacked for apparently the third time just recently. The hacker actually responded to a message from the hackee with the message above, pleading ignorance of the previous hacks, and from his complex grammar and use of elaborate codes (“eevr” and “neevr”) we may deduce that these people are highly educated, organized… Read More

  • Halo 3 Causes Xbox Live To Crap Out

    “GODDAMNIT BRO, XBOX LIVE WON’T LET ME LOG ON! WTF.” According to the official Xbox forums, lots of gamers have been experiencing outages on Xbox Live following the Halo 3 launch. Constant freeze-ups and the inability to sign on are being cited as two of the major concerns that people are dealing with. On Digg, a user said that less than 1000 people were signed on to XBL… Read More