• Sanyo Xacti rocks the 1080i HD, Slow-Mo, and 10x optical zoom

    These Xacti cameras are real monsters. The earlier models shot in HD but this is full 1080i and it records directly to SD cards. It also takes 4-megapixel stills and can shoot up to 300 frames per second for slow-motion shots. It also has 12 subject face-detection and runs off of human blood. I made up that last part. Generally, however, the Xacti line is showing just about everyone how to make… Read More

  • Sanyo releases new entry-level pocket camcorders to Japan, possibly US headed

    [photopress:cg9.jpg,full,center] Sanyo’s Xacti line of pocket camcorders are sweeter than they first appear. We checked out a similar model to this CG9 (CrunchGear 9!?) at CES and were a little amazed at how a tiny fixed-focus, non-zooming camcorder made things look. These aren’t cameras to make your epic movie with, but for if you’re a web video junkie and you want to make… Read More