• Review: Fujifilm X100

    Review: Fujifilm X100

    A unique and powerful camera hampered by uneven attention to detail and an inadequate menu system. For a camera so strongly and effectively focused on going back to basics, the legacy of ugly menus, slow focus, and chintzy dials seems especially out of place. In this case, beauty truly only is skin deep. Except for the fabulous lens and sensor, I should say. Read on for our somewhat… Read More

  • Fujifilm X10/X50 Leaked In Old-Fashioned Catalog Style

    Fujifilm X10/X50 Leaked In Old-Fashioned Catalog Style

    I love printed materials. Not just because they’re great in their own right, but because sometimes, due to the restrictions of printing and mailing delays, they break news a little early. In this case, Fujifilm’s rumored X10/X50, little brother to the much-loved X100, has shown up in the Promaster catalog, complete with specs and pic. Read More

  • Rumor: The Fujifilm X10 Announcement Coming Soon, Should Pack Retro Hotness For $599

    Rumor: The Fujifilm X10 Announcement Coming Soon, Should Pack Retro Hotness For $599

    The Fujufilm X100 (pictured) is quietly becoming a favorite among the photography nerds thanks to its capable sensor, fair price and oh-so-hawt retro digs. But even though the price is fully justified by its performance, it’s out of reach of some aspiring shooters. No worries. The Fujifilm X10 is set to be announced within the coming weeks and should hit at a lot lower price point. Read More

  • Firmware Fixes On The Way For Fujifilm X100

    I’d like to say I’ve had my problems with the X100, but since inventory is so tight, they haven’t had a chance to get us one to review yet. But from everything I’ve heard, it’s a great camera with some really half-baked firmware. Fujifilm is hoping to address this with an update that makes some functions harder to accidentally set or reset and improves performance… Read More

  • Sensor In Fujifilm's X100 Outperforms Micro Four Thirds

    A lab analysis by DxOmark of the impossible-to-find X100 has found that the sensor performs better than competing compact manual digitals. Of course, the X100 is a different type of camera, but they’re aimed in the same direction. At any rate it’s a testament to the engineering and the benefits of a fixed-lens system. Hopefully we’ll have one of these guys to test out… Read More

  • Note To The Obsessed: Fujifilm's X100 Should Resume Shipping Next Week

    The beautiful and potentially functional X100 has had its US release delayed for some time, first because of enormous popularity and limited inventory, and then because of the natural disasters striking Japan. Other tech industries were hit hard as well, but they seem to be gradually picking up the pieces as relief and reconstruction begin. Fujifilm says that cameras should reach stores at… Read More

  • Fujifilm: We Can't Make Enough X100s To Sell To You Guys

    Just a little PSA in case you’re looking forward to picking up one of the amazing-looking (but ridiculously expensive) X100s from Fujifilm — apparently they underestimated the camera’s popularity, and are having trouble keeping up with demand. They were originally going to be shipping in the US in early-mid March, but that may slip to early April. Patience, my friend. I… Read More

  • Look, A Fujifilm X100 Next To A Leica M3

    While it’s not the carbon copy some seem to think it is, the X100 does take a lot of design cues from Leica and this generation of cameras in general. I’m dying to get my hands on one of these, though that $1200 price tag is a little intimidating. Lots more comparison pics and other X100 porn at Nokton’s Flickr page. [via 43rumors and PetaPixel] Read More

  • Fujifilm Finally Makes The X100 Officially Official

    Although I would have said that a camera is “official” when you announce it and make a whole microsite about it, Fujifilm is slightly less cavalier about their camera lineup, and only today are making the gorgeous and powerful X100 truly real. We’ve talked about it before, even played with it at CES, but I’ll just put the final specs and info here for good measure. The… Read More

  • First Previews Of Fujifilm X100 Start Popping Up

    My love for the X100 is no secret. I was excited when it was announced, ecstatic to get my hands on it, and even named it my personal best of show at CES. So I’m a little jealous (but I understand, Fujifilm, I understand) that a few photo outlets on the net are getting their units for hands-on previews. DP Review’s is practical and thorough, as usual, and Norwegian site Akam.no… Read More

  • Fujifilm X100 Gets Priced, But Not Dated

    My pick for best of CES just showed up on Adorama for pre-order, and although the price is certainly high ($1199), it must be acknowledged that the X100 is a unique camera, and very possibly an excellent one. Fujifilm is known for powerful sensors, the whole device was engineered as a whole, the lens is fast, the viewfinder magical, and so on. Yeah, you could buy a great DSLR or M4/3 for… Read More

  • Quick Hands-On: Fujifilm's Gorgeous X100

    Oh man, I was so pumped to get my hands on this thing. This is the beautiful retro-styled, APS-C sensored, dial-covered compact camera we heard about a few months back, and immediately fell in love with. It’s got a “hybrid viewfinder” that either works as a regular see-through thing with overlay, or you can flip a switch and it becomes an EVF. Plus, just look at that sucker. Read More

  • Fujifilm FinePix X100 Combines Versatile Digital Power With Insanely Good Looks

    Wow, Fujifilm. Just… wow. This is an amazing piece of work. The FinePix X100 is… not really comparable to anything on the market. It’s got the sensor of a DSLR (12-megapixel APS-C) but is set up like an old-school rangefinder, with an actual optical viewfinder. Or rather, a hybrid viewfinder, since they can overlay information on it like an EVF… but it’s still a… Read More