• Review: MSI X-Slim X600

    The MSI X-Slim X600 tries so hard – so very hard – to be a full-size, Windows MacBook Air. It has the looks, it has the specs, hell, it even has the same shape. But one huge flaw keeps will keep it from becoming the de facto slim Windows notebook: the trackpad. It’s that bad. Read More

  • MSI X600 15.6-inch ultra-low voltage notebook now available for $800

    MSI’s big-but-light X600 is now available for $800 from Amazon and Newegg. The ULV computer rounds out the X-Slim series with a 15.6-inch LCD, six-cell battery, 5.5 pound travel weight, and is less than an inch thick. Read More

  • MSI X340 ultraportable now available in the US for $799

    Looks like MSI is the first out of the gate to ship an ultraportable with Intel’s new CULV chipset here in the US. The X340 is now up for sale for $799 at Newegg, Amazon, Buy.com, and elsewhere. Read More

  • MSI X340 ultraportable reviewed

    Laptop Magazine (still available in print form!) got their hands on the super slim MacBook Air-like X340 from MSI and gave the $899 ultra low voltage notebook a relatively positive review. Like HP’s DV2 that Devin just reviewed, the X340 series falls somewhere in between netbooks and notebooks. Read More

  • Specs confirmed for MSI X-Slim series, US launch in May

    Looks like the MSI X320 and X340 from the upcoming X-Slim series won’t hit the previously-believed April launch date, instead gracing us with their presence sometime in May. We’ll get a couple more color options, too, aside from the white casing as they’ll be available in black and silver as well. Read More

  • Two more X-Slim notebooks coming from MSI

    After getting everyone worked up at CES over its X320 netbook, MSI has let slip two additional models in the X-Slim series; both actual notebooks with Centrino 2 processors, too. The 15.6-inch X600 and the 13.4-inch X340 are expected to be formally announced at CeBIT in a little over a week and MSI has already revealed that the X340 will cost under $1,000. Read More

  • MSI X-Slim series to do both Atom and Pentium

    Seeing the MSI X320 at CES made my pants hurt enough that I’ll be picking one up when they come out in April. A steady complaint about the X320, though, is that while it’s stylish like a MacBook Air, it’s only got an Atom processor. Read More