X’s Grok chatbot will soon get an upgraded model, Grok-1.5

Grok-1.5 appears to be a measurable upgrade over its predecessor, Grok-1 — at least judging by the published benchmark results and specs.

The race to build tomorrow’s AI models, and signs of life in the crypto markets

Our Monday show covers the latest in tech news from the weekend and what’s making headlines early in the week.

AI.com flips from ChatGPT to Elon Musk’s X.ai

There was a bit of a hubbub in February as it emerged that OpenAI had seemingly purchased AI.com in order to redirect it to the ChatGPT web interface. But now erstwhile backer, Twitter haver and X lov

Join prolific enterprise/SaaS seed investor Jonathan Lehr April 6 at 2pm EDT for a live conference call

It’s a tough fundraising environment out there, but one of the few glimmers of hope lies in the enterprise and SaaS markets. Critical customer problems + recurring revenues is probably where you wan

A Slack integration is Magic’s next act

Remember the text message-based service on-demand company, Magic Assistant? In a whirlwind two months after the service's launch on Product Hunt, Magic went viral based on its claims to deliver anythi

The AI disruption wave

Information technology evolves through disruption waves. First the computer, then the web and eventually social networks and smartphones all had the power to revolutionize how people live and how busi

Rise of the bots: X.ai raises $23m more for Amy, a bot that arranges appointments

While voice-recognition-powered virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Amazon’s Echo continue to get more useful and reliable on the march to platform-dom, there is a parallel w

Julie Desk Is An Email-Based Virtual Assistant To Help You Schedule Meetings And Appointments

From the same French startup behind <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/11/25/wepopp-funding/">WePopp</a>, an app that makes it easier for friends to plan events together, comes <a target="_blank" hr

X.ai Lands $2.1M To Build ‘Amy’, An AI-Powered Personal Assistant For Meetings

From the sometimes disappointing but often great reality of Siri to the complicated potential of Samantha, the idea of virtual personal assistants helping us with our digital-fuelled lives has c