• WWE Launches Mobile Apps For On-Demand Video And Second-Screen Viewing

    WWE Launches Mobile Apps For On-Demand Video And Second-Screen Viewing

    Ok, so I know this is cheesy, but I spent my childhood watching wrestling with my grandfather. He was obsessed! One of those dudes who would watch every pay-per-view special, on the edge of his seat all the while. I watched Hulk Hogan go from being a good guy to a bad guy and back again so many times I’m still not sure if he was actually a real American or just a commie traitor. Then… Read More

  • Will Social Media Save WrestleMania 27?

    Well, maybe not “save” WrestleMania, but help ensure it does better than last year’s edition, WrestleMania 26, which, at well under one million pay-per-view buys worldwide, was considered a bit of a disappointment. What’s different this year is WWE’s use of social media—that is to say they’re actually using it this time around. But even if this… Read More

  • Will WrestleMania Be The Next ‘Big’ Event To Go 3D?

    Word on the street (“the street” being this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which is behind a paywall, sorry) is that WWE is looking to film WrestleMania in 3D this year. The event, which takes place on April 3 in Atlanta, would be the first WWE event (and first North American wrestling or MMA event) to be filmed in 3D. Read More

  • Mad Catz To Develop FightPads, FightSticks For WWE All Stars Video Game

    Coming soon to your living room: WWE-branded Mad Catz accessories, specifically “FightStick(s)” and “FightPad(s)”. They’re being developed for the upcoming THQ video game WWE All Stars, the game that Dusty Rhodes (yes, the Dusty Rhodes) told me at E3 he was excited to be in. And then he told me to take a hike. Great day. Read More

  • Buy Used Video Games? Then THQ Hates Your Guts.

    THQ wins today’s “Well That’s A Stupid Thing To Say” award. The company, which is right about to publish WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, has adopted the increasingly common practice of only making available DLC to people who purchase the game new. That is, not buying a used copy. Read More

  • Video: Pro-wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes loves WWE All Stars

    This was truly a life-changing moment. Pro-wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes was at THQ’s E3 booth today promoting the upcoming release of WWE All Stars and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. And wouldn’t you know it, he told me to beat it! Yes~! Read More

  • E3 2010: Hands-on with the surprisingly good AAA: Héroes del Ring

    Rather than use E3 to pile on the mountains and mountains of hype of the big-bidget titles, I’ve elected to sprinkle through our coverage the small little gems that might otherwise go unnoticed. First on the docket is AAA: Héores del Ring a lucha libre (Mexican-style higly-flying pro-wrestling) game that’ll hit your Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP on August 10 of this year. I had… Read More

  • WWE finally has a YouTube account (and with full episodes)

    I must be seeing things… is that an official WWE YouTube page, and one that already has last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw online? This is so unlike WWE, embracing technology. They must have hired someone new in recent weeks, someone who told them that, you know, the Internet isn’t merely for “geeks” anymore. Read More

  • WWE Latest: Two years after App Store launch, WWE launches 1st iPhone App

    It took WWE almost two years to release an iPhone App, but here we are. That’s right, today the company, which fancies itself as some sort of catch-all, cutting-edge entertainment juggernaut, has bequeathed upon the world WWE Latest, a 99 cent App for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s fairly basic, but should help those of you itching for, I don’t know, Diva photos or Raw results. Read More