wwdc 2008

  • Another iPhone (red) pic?

    Reader Georges says he found this shot inside Apple’s servers today. We shall soon see, regardless. UPDATE – Georges says he dug through the Apple server, trying image name after image name. look :
    10:01 AM http://images.apple.com/iphone/gallery/images/gallery6_hires20070621.jpg
    10:01 AM I found it, its the normal iphone
    10:01 AM I tested it … Read More

  • Take your iPhone bowling: Celebrate iPhone 2 Day with Wrappers

    Hey, kids! Want a sleeve for your iPhone 2, provided it comes out today? Leave a comment describing the date you’ll take your iPhone 2 on when you get it and we’ll pick ten winners at random to get a free iPhone sleeve from UK Wrappers. Will you wine it and dine it? Go for mini-golf? Watch a movie at your place? Please, nothing TOO perverse. I don’t have the stomach for it. Read More

  • Mac Fusion: The new Mac Mini? Or escapee from Fake City, USA?

    Another day, another blurry screen shot of Apple promotional material featuring a product that might or might not exist in the very, very near future. This one’s the Mac Fusion, apparently a no-frills tiny box aimed at developers. It has a form factor of a Mac Mini cut down to about half the height. While this certain looks like it could be real, Photoshoppers are getting good. Read More

  • The iPhone is grand, but is AT&T reaping the benefits of a new Apple "halo effect"?

    Right now our biggest stories are about the iPhone 2 and how it’s going to revolutionize mobile communications. Apple did it before with the original iPhone, setting the stage for a number of wannabes and imitators. This means the bar for the follow-up handset is high, though Apple is likely able to hit the mark. With its shortcomings, there’s plenty or room for improvement in… Read More

  • Does the Bilderberg Group have anything to do with the iPhone?

    The Bilderberg Group is meeting in Chantilly, VA right now, right outside of DC, and Bilderberg conspiracists are pretty excited, blaming Hilary’s decision to bow out on the machinations of the secret group. The Bilderberg Group is a meet-up of all the major figures in media, politics, and finance where all of the decisions that will effect us, the masses, are decided in airy ballrooms… Read More

  • More Moscone spy shots

    Our spy shots might be fake (we doubt it) but these Moscone shots surely aren’t. RoughlyDrafted has a bunch of pictures from the San Fran convention center including plenty of action shots of App store apps blowing around like beautiful leaves. Here’s hoping that there will be more than just XCode debuggers at the keynote. Read More

  • Breaking: Exclusive leaked pics of the iPhone 2! Thinner design? Check! Different colors? Check! Video chatting? Check and check!

    Update: Post-WWDC Keynote, it’s obvious these are not pictures of the (slightly disappointing) 3G iPhone. What can we say? It seemed like a good idea at the time. And Matt was drunk. It wasn’t long ago that my inbox was full of screen caps from an image editing program of a new iPod, it was a fat yet small iPod that we now know as the 3rd gen Nano. We posted the photos and were… Read More

  • 3G iPhone to be announced on June 9

    Citi analysts Richard Gardner and Yeechang Lee are predicting that Jobs will announce the 3G iPhone during his keynote at WWDC in San Francisco. But that’s not all they’re predicting. They’re also predicting a refresh to the MacBook line, which we’ve been hearing about for a while now and it seems as though the iPods will also get a shakedown. Shawn Wu, an American… Read More

  • Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference coming to SF June 9-13

    It’s official, June 9-13 is when Apple will be hosting the “best of the Apple development universe” — and us — in San Francisco. Better get started on those reservations. Apple WWDC 2008 [via Gizmodo] Read More