wwdc 07

  • Help-Key: What You'll Use in Leopard

    We learned a lot today about Apple’s up-and-coming OS, Leopard. That being said, nothing we learned was really Earth-shattering. All the rumors of built-in Windows integration, teleportation rays and disease curing were bunk. In fact, almost nothing that was rumored came to fruition, and that’s the rub: there just wasn’t much new stuff announced. That doesn’t mean… Read More

  • Play WWDC '07 Bingo!

    Without a doubt, the one thing on everyone’s mind today is WWDC. Instead of being a traditionalist by sitting around and refreshing blogs non-stop, why not enjoy a fun game of Steve Jobs Bingo? This nifty Mac OS X app has a bingo card full of things Stevie J may or may not say or do during his WWDC keynote. You can check off things like “Shows photos from AppleStores” or… Read More