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  • WTF is a funding round?

    WTF is a funding round?

    But if you don’t work in venture capital or finance, you might not know what all this means. So, we’ll break it down for you. Why are startups getting the money? Investors are giving the startup money in exchange for an ownership stake. They are hoping that the share price will go up as the startup grows into a larger company. Do they have to pay it back? No. If the startup… Read More

  • WTF is the dark web?

    WTF is the dark web?

    Maybe you heard your LinkedIn, Tumblr or Dropbox password was floating around there. Or maybe you read a news story about that guy who got busted for running Silk Road, that site that sold drugs and other illicit goods. Chances are, you’ve seen the words “dark web” splashed in a headline or heard them mentioned by a friend. But WTF is the dark web? How do you get there? And… Read More