Wow, Facebook really knows how to give someone a send-off!

So much for that touching goodbye post to Sheryl Sandberg that Mark Zuckerberg posted just 9 days ago, when after a 14-year run at Facebook — now Meta Platforms — Sandberg said she was resigning f

Understanding the media company SPAC push

SPACs are desperate and asset prices are high as media recovers some and digital ad sales spike. SPAC now or forever hold your peace.

Crunch Report | YouTube now blocking ads on low-view channels

YouTube is now blocking ads on channels with less than 10,000 views, Amazon pulls and other Quidsi apps and Spotify's invisible IPO. All this on Crunch Report.

NYT Resorts To Bypassing DNS Servers Amid Potential Hacking, WSJ Drops Its Paywall To Capitalize

According to statements from a spokesperson, the New York Times may have been hacked, resulting in the loss of access for many customers. Specifically, it appears that the attack has resulted in the r

Pulse Adds Premium Subscriptions, Launches Innovative Partnership With WSJ

Yesterday, we <a href="">heard</a> that the New York Times was <a target="_blank" href="

Wall Street Journal Investigation Into MySpace Was Quietly Killed

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" />A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published a series of articles

SeatGeek Secures A Deal With The Wall Street Journal And $550k In Funding

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <strong>Exclusive</strong> - <a href="">SeatGeek</a>, one of the <a href="

Apple, I Mean A "Source", Confirms There Will Be No iPhone 4 Recall

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-197676" title="llo" src="" alt="" />As we're now less than a day away from <a href="https://techcrunch.

Foursquare Begins Testing An "Add To Foursquare" Button With WSJ

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-189150" title="fs2" src="" alt="" />One surefire way to know that a service is doing well is when you s

Wall Street Journal Pro Edition Now Available For Consumers ($49 per Month)

<img src="" class="shot2" />Back in October 2009, Dow Jones <a href="">debuted</a> a premium

The Best iPad Apps At Launch

<img src=""> In preparation for the launch of the iPad tomorrow, <a href="">iPad Apps

Publishers in a tizzy over new iPad revenue possibilities

<img src="">If there's one thing putting a spring in the step of publishers this summer and giving them just a little more impe

Microsoft gearing up to announce Windows Mobile 7 on February 15, project Pink moves forward

<img src="" /> It's finally happening. Maybe. According to sources close to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is going to mak

Wall Street Journal to begin charging for on-the-go access

Like the Wall Street Journal? Enjoy catching up on the latest business news while on the go via your iPhone, CrackBerry, or other mobile device? Love to spend money? Well then you are in luck! The Wal

Wall Street Journal opens the walled garden just a titch with BB application

For those of you who read the WSJ for the articles, the new BlackBerry-compatable Mobile Reader will open up that nasty walled garden that is The application will be free and most of

WSJ says hotel rooms is hard!

In their inimitable, behind the walled garden style, the WSJ points out that hotel rooms are so complex that they’re getting impossible to operate. I’d write more, but Mr. Murdoch still ha

WSJ: Cut undersea Internet cables due to sharks with laser beams on their heads

[photopress:lasers_20080206161421.ark.png,full,left]The cable cutting thing in the Middle East is odd enough as it is, but it takes the Wall Street Journal to make it weirder. It found an expert to cl

Your cable box may be watching you

WSJ is reporting that demographic data mining companies are starting to watch viewing patterns and may begin working with cable companies to pinpoint commercials to individuals and assess a commercial

Ben Worthen of the WSJ: "Android will lead to the meltdown of corporate America; communism, alternate religions to follow"

The gPhone is definitely creating a series of aftershocks in the journalism world. Two days after the big announcement, people are still talking, and it’s not all good. Even the stuffy WSJ gets

Mossberg reviews Gateway One, says it's no iMac

Since Gateway announced the One, everyone and their cousin has known it’s a blatant copy of Apple’s iMac. Even Uncle Walt over at the Wall Street Journal knows damn well what Gateway and D
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