writer\’s strike

The writers’ strike is over; here’s how AI negotiations shook out

After almost five months, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has reached an agreement with Hollywood studios to end the writers’ strike. Starting Wednesday, writers will be able to resume work u

‘Nobody has lost their job because of what we do,’ says CEO of film industry AI tool

“Honestly, and I really can say this with a straight face, we create jobs. Because there’s so much shit to do to actually put these use cases into production, that a lot of our customers can&#

That’s capitalism, baby

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Friday show, when we take a look at the week&#8217

Why does the internet love tree law so much?

It was day 76 of the Hollywood writers’ strike, and once again, comedian Chris Stephens journeyed out to the picket line. But when he arrived in front of Universal Studios, he noticed something

Tech workers could take labor lessons from Hollywood’s writers

Hollywood's writers already had a mechanism in place to rebuff what they consider to be unfair changes to their compensation and employment. Tech workers don't have that muscle.

Tentative deal reached in writers strike: Guild leaders say it protects writers' future

[photopress:strikeovertent.jpg,full,center] A tentative deal has been reached in the ongoing writers strike. The only reason why we paid attention to it here was because a primary reason for the strik

This Christmas, don't forget the writers who brought you your favorite shows: stay away from Hulu

Let’s say Santa tomorrow brings you Lost on Blu-ray or maybe a Simpsons or Seinfeld boxset or two. By all means, enjoy your new gifts, but don’t forget that the men and women who wrote the

The Writer's Strike: Week 5, the sadness sets in but fun is still in the offing

Former Colbert Report — they’re technically former until Sumner Redstone’s distended syphilitic heart explodes, releasing billions in online revenue back into the economy at large &m

The writer's strike in plain English

Viacom sues YouTube for 1 billion, writers get 75 cents a word. Viacom estimates downloadable content is worth $500 million and writers get bad coffee. There’s the bottom line. Hopefully this st