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  • Review: Stuhrling Raven Diablo

    Of all the watches that I’ve reviewed this week, the Raven Diablo has to be my favorite. The styling really works for me. It’s not as traditional as the Atlas or the Millenia, but it’s also not as far out there as the Centurion. I like the silver accent points, and the carbon fiber layer really makes it work for me. Like the other watches from Stuhrling, this one is made… Read More

  • Review: Stuhrling Millenia XT

    The Stuhrling Millenia XT uses the same movement at the Centurion, but that’s where the similarities end. Where the Centurion was blocky, square and sharp edged, the Millenia has a very graceful curve, an almost elegant feel to it. Obviously based off of the classic “tank” style timepieces of the 1920’s, the Millenia brings that concept up to date in a big way. Read More

  • Review: Stuhrling Atlas

    The Atlas is a completely different style from the Centurion. Where the Centurion is big and bulky, the Atlas is more subtle, and has several more mainstream design elements. It’s finish is a rose gold tone, however the case is still surgical steel, and the band is still a thick, flexible, durable rubber. Again, the build quality is quite good, and not necessarily what you’d… Read More

  • Review: Stuhrling Centurion

    When Stuhrling first contacted us to do a review, they sent a Centurion. When it arrived, I’ll admit, the design threw me off for a bit. The unique font, the extremely sharp and square case – this didn’t reflect the type of watch I typically wear. To be fair, I didn’t care for it all that much. I was determined to give the watch a fair chance however, and wore it on a… Read More

  • Futuristic OLED bracelet will make you look like a Halo fighter

    New Jersey-based Universal Display and LG are showcasing a futuristic OLED display that can be worn like a wrist watch at the SID Display Week 2009. The bendable color display has been jointly developed by the two companies. Read More

  • Bathys Benthic Ti available soon, new Damascus Bathic to be revealed

    Well, we got official word from John at Bathys today, the Benthic Ti that we told you about back in July is finally coming out. Read More

  • Thanko presents a video watch that looks surprisingly decent

    It’s Thanko again. But this time, their new gadget, the Thanko MP4 watch [JP], seems to be quite OK (I think any Non-USB device coming from that company is a step towards the right direction). At least, it looks more interesting than the analog video watch Thanko rolled out last week. The watch comes with a 1.8-inch color display (resolution: 160×128), a built-in speaker, a mini… Read More