• Woz Asks Steve What He Does

    New Clip From “Steve Jobs” Movie Asks, “What Do You Do?”

    If you’ve watched the trailers for the soon-to-be-released movie “Steve Jobs,” you might remember hearing snatches of a heated conversation between Steve Wozniak and Jobs. Now Universal Pictures has released a clip showing the full exchange, as Wozniak (played by Seth Rogen) demands to know what Jobs (Michael Fassbender) has done to earn his reputation as a genius. Read More

  • Woz Watch: Steve Wozniak Waiting For One Of The First iPhone 5’s In Australia

    Woz Watch: Steve Wozniak Waiting For One Of The First iPhone 5’s In Australia

    Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, Steve Wozniak is going to be waiting up all night on line to get one. TechCrunch was planning to talk to him at one of his usual digs at an Apple Store in Los Gatos or San Jose. But, this time it turns out the Apple co-founder is waiting in Australia. According to his tweet from an hour ago, he’s “In line for first iPhone 5’s in… Read More

  • Impartial Woz prefers iPhone over Android

    In a recent interview with The Seoul Economic Daily in Korea, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak praised the Apple iPhone over Android. Woz has three iPhones and an iPad, so it should be no surprise that he prefers them over Android, though he does give some tepid praise to the voice recognition of Android on his Nexus One phone. Woz also provided some advice to Read More

  • Woz agrees with me about the MacBook Air

    Not that it means much, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one, even if my support is a total unknown like this Mr. Wozniak. I still feel my initial assessment of the Air as a sexy lemon is on the mark. He also shares his disappointment about the iPhone’s 2.5G-ness. This “Woz” is spreading his lukewarm enthusiasm for Apple’s latest products all over… Read More

  • Jobs And Wozniak Get Lego'd

    Remember how Apple was originally founded by Steve Jobs and fat man extraordinaire Steve Wozniak? You can now relive the moments they shared in the ’70s through Legos! Podbrix will be offering 300 limited-edition playsets that feature both Woz and Jobs pondering in a computer lab. If you miss out on the limited run, don’t fret. These playsets don’t come cheap at $39.99 a pop… Read More