world\’s first

NEC develops unmanned, self-flying drone for civilian use

<img src="" /> NEC has <a href="">announced the development of an unmanned drone</a> [JP]

Toshiba to roll out world's first notebook with 512GB SSD

<img src="" /> <a href="">SSDs</a> are picking up steam in the

Panasonic develops a new kind of lighting device, says it will be as important as LED and OLED

Yesterday Matsushita Electric Works (to be branded as Panasonic from October this year) presented [JP] “the world’s first lighting device”, which – in contrast to existing fluoresc

Samsung claims yet another world's first

So-yeon Lee will be the first Korean to fly into space and accompanying her will be two digital cameras from Samsung. The NV24HD will be the first digital point-and-shoot to be used in space. A GX-20