world\’s first

  • NEC develops unmanned, self-flying drone for civilian use

    NEC has announced the development of an unmanned drone [JP] that can fly by itself to a specific location and send back positional information and video images. The company says it’s the first drone made for civilian applications that can transmit both kinds of data at the same time. Read More

  • Toshiba to roll out world's first notebook with 512GB SSD

    SSDs are picking up steam in the computer market (although there were some bad news), and so it comes as no surprise that today Toshiba announced the world’s first laptop featuring their self-developed 512GB SSD [JP]. The Dynabook SS RX2/WAJ went on sale in Japan today already and costs $4,000. Read More

  • Panasonic develops a new kind of lighting device, says it will be as important as LED and OLED

    Yesterday Matsushita Electric Works (to be branded as Panasonic from October this year) presented [JP] “the world’s first lighting device”, which – in contrast to existing fluorescent models – doesn’t need mercury to discharge gas. The company even claims their new technology could might one day be as important as LED and OLED. Matsushita speaks of an… Read More

  • Samsung claims yet another world's first

    So-yeon Lee will be the first Korean to fly into space and accompanying her will be two digital cameras from Samsung. The NV24HD will be the first digital point-and-shoot to be used in space. A GX-20 (DSLR), twin to the Pentax K20D, will also join the fray. I hope they’re sending a slew of ultra wide-angle lenses with that instead of the kit lens. Both cameras underwent shock and… Read More