world record

  • Fujifilm and IBM develop magnetic tape that stores 35TB

    Fujifilm and IBM today announced they jointly developed a technology that makes it possible to store 35TB of data on a single magnetic tape. The companies say the tape can store the “text of 35 million books, which would require 248 miles (399 km) of bookshelves”. 35TB is about 44 times as much as previously possible. Read More

  • Panasonic robot runs 24km on two AA batteries, makes it into Guinness Book of World Records

    OK, Panasonic’s Evolta batteries are quite powerful, alright. A robot in a mini car powered by nothing more than two AA Evolta batteries completed five and a half laps on the famous Le Mans 24 Hours circuit in France. This means the little guy ran a distance of 23.7km before finally running out of juice. Read More

  • Toshiba announces the world's first 128 Megabit FeRAM

    Toshiba today in Tokyo unveiled a prototype of a new kind of FeRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) [JP] that might pave the way for more powerful mobile devices and PCs in the future. Read More

  • NEC's SX-9 supercomputer boasts "fastest standing" in HPC challenge benchmark

    NEC announced yesterday that its SX-9 supercomputer has achieved the world’s fastest standing in the high performance computing (HPC) field [JP] by getting top scores in 19 of 28 sections in the HPC Challenge Benchmark test. The HPC Benchmark is generally accepted as a method of measuring and ranking the world’s supercomputers and consists of seven different tests encompassing… Read More

  • 150 copies per minute: The ORPHIS X9050 is the world's fastest photocopier

    Japanese office equipment manufacturer Riso has developed the world’s fastest color photocopier for office use [JP] (at least this is what they and their partner Olympus claim). The ORPHIS X9050 is able to make 150 copies per minute. This performance has a price: The machine’s list price is $46,000. Riso is also planning to sell a trimmed down version of the X9050, the ORPHIX… Read More

  • Scientists develop "atomic pen" and write nano-sized word

    A group of researchers at the University of Osaka managed to develop a super-small “pen” that is able to write or draw by arranging individuals atoms on metallic surfaces. As an example, the word “Si” was inscribed on a semiconductor surface, manipulating silicon atoms (see picture). The process took 90 minutes to complete. The letters are sized at just 2×2… Read More

  • "World record": Japan grants patent after 17 days of screening

    This year the US beat Japan in patent application filing for the first time since 1963, but Nippon is prepared to bounce back. In fear of falling back in international competitiveness in the future, the Japan Patent Office introduced a new system to accelerate examinations of patents on a trial basis October 1 (“to become the world’s most advanced IP-based nation”). Read More

  • Japan gets the world's fastest Blu-ray recorder

    Today Buffalo introduced [JP] the world’s fastet Blu-ray recorder, which is Japan-only for the time being. The recorder is available as an external (BR-816SU2) and an internal version (BR-816FBS-WH in white or BR-816FBS-BK in black). The new drives are capable of burning single-layer Blu-rays at a speed of up to 8x (up to 2x for a double-layer disc). The internal recorders feature… Read More

  • Japanese scientists create world's smallest noodle bowl

    A research team from the University of Tokyo managed to create a microscopic bowl of ramen (Japanese noodles), measuring 1/12,500th of an inch (1/500th of a millimeter) in length and 1.25 millionth of an inch (1/50,000th of a millimeter) in thickness. According to Japanese media, the project’s aim is to make a contribution to the advancement of nanotechnology. The bowl was carved out… Read More