Don’t fall into the toxic workplace trap

Having a strong culture can lead to less churn and more efficient teams, and that is even better for the bottom line.

Workers are wary — but also optimistic — about AI

Workplaces are increasingly adopting AI. Workers are wary — but not necessarily opposed, depending on the application.

HR Signal helps companies figure out who is most likely to quit and why

High employee turnover is often a hint that a company’s human resources strategy isn’t working, but it’s also difficult for managers to identify who is thinking of leaving. HR Signal wants to ma

The #MyTechBestfriend fallout continues

There are now allegations against tech boot camp MyTechBestfriend of possible fraud, FBI involvement and, well, voodoo.

Meta’s next enterprise push is into the metaverse

Earlier this year, when we covered the news that Meta had signed on with fast food giant McDonald’s as a customer for Workplace, the B2B service that was originally conceived as a Facebook for e

Kumospace raises new cash to replace physical offices with virtual ones

After more than two years of remote work, many employees have no interest in returning to the office — at least not without good reason. Employers have responded in kind, more or less, with tech

Switchboard creates virtual rooms to foster better collaboration

Switchboard, a collaboration app that combines features of videoconferencing and digital whiteboarding, today announced that it raised $25 million in a Series A round that values the company at $200 m

Microsoft and Meta join Google in using AI to help run their data centers

Data centers, which drive the apps, websites and services that billions of people use every day, can be hazardous places for the workers that build and maintain them. Workers sometimes have to service

Meta’s Workplace supersizes its user base with McDonald’s deal

Workplace was originally conceived and built by Meta to be an enterprise version of its flagship Facebook app, and today it’s announcing a new customer that speaks to that ambition of mass-marke

Slack now supports pronunciation guides in profiles

Not everyone is on board with the idea of remote work. But for those who are, Slack’s new profile features released today should make some workday tasks, particularly onboarding, a bit easier. S

Pulse, the maker of an automatic Slack status updater, acquires team communication startup Lounge

Lounge, a team communication startup that was looking to reimagine the future of work with features designed for remote and distributed workforces, has now found an exit after Slack entered its same m

Landed tackles hospitality employee turnover with end-to-end recruitment matching tool

Landed automates candidate sourcing, engagement and interviewing, then matches candidates to employers based on custom criteria.

Pesto spices up digital workplaces so remote work isn’t so … remote

Most employees are unlikely to return to in-person work, but are having to use tools created for that purpose. Pesto's founders think that needs to change.

VCs approached Facebook to fund a spinout of Workplace valued at over $1B, but Facebook declined

Workplace — the app originally built as a version of Facebook for employees to communicate with each other — now has more than 7 million users, carving out a place for itself as an app to

Meta’s Workplace will integrate with WhatsApp later this year to expand communication with front-line employees

Workplace, the app owned and originally built by Facebook (now Meta) as a version of the social network for enterprise employees to communicate with each other, has signed up upwards of 7 million user

Don’t let new hybrid workplaces keep the old systemic racism

While I’m the first to say the National Urban League and many of my colleagues in the field are doing great work, too many companies are relying on us alone to change the world.

Why DEI programs are failing

Before diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives will have a long-lasting impact on corporate structures, businesses must reprioritize their DEI efforts to put equity before everything else.

OfficeRnD, a SaaS for managing hybrid workplaces, grabs $10M

The decentralized reality of office work after the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drive plenty of startup activity. To wit: OfficeRnD, which makes workplace management software that’s increasing

OnLoop launches with $5.5M to inject some fun into performance reviews

OnLoop consistently gathers employee feedback and goals so that the company has better insights into how both individuals and teams are doing.

Pushing for an ‘apolitical’ workplace is immoral (and unrealistic)

The personal is political, and companies are made up of people, not products.
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