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EA sets sights on Wii Fit fans with EA Sports Active

Looks like EA Sports is getting into the Wii-based fitness arena with EA Sports Active. It’ll be launching next spring, right about the time you grab hold of your ever-lingering holiday gut with

Wii Fit seemingly blamed for £20.1 million worth of damage in the UK, don’t believe the hype

I’m going to refrain from sensationalizing this story too much, as the UK’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that women that work out in their living rooms have caused over £20 million worth of damag

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Gear from Alo for you and the wife

It’s almost time for the good ole New Year’s resolution and for many that entails hitting the gym in an attempt to shed those holiday pounds. While we can’t help you shed those unwan

Jensen SportFones Review

Almost all of the music that’s piped through the audio system at my gym sucks and you’d think the music would be good for the amount of money I pay on a monthly basis, but no, it’s not. And