Crunch Report | Apple Spending $1 Billion on Original Content

Apple is spending $1 billion to acquire original content, Workday acquires Pattern, Google Home now lets you make free phone calls and Andrew Ng is starting an AI fund. All this on Crunch Report!

Workday acquires the team behind Pattern, a young startup founded by ex-Googlers

The team behind Pattern, a two-year-old, Redwood City, Calif.- based startup, has been quietly acquired by Workday, the financial management and HR software vendor that went public in 2012 and now bo

These cities in California’s East Bay are raking in venture capital

San Francisco Bay Area companies raise so much venture capital relative to other places that a lot of little-known cities in the region outrank major metropolises in total funding. In this two-part se

Why the next great SaaS company will look nothing like Salesforce

Integration companies, while not glamorous, can build market power by positioning themselves at the center of an ecosystem and creating an “ecosystem network effect”, whereby they become a de fact

Is big data in big trouble?

We recently saw two critical developments in the big data and analytics space. Tableau released earnings and missed their forecast by $0.05; their stock dropped 5 percent. Then Hortonworks announced a

Workday gives IBM big win with seven-year cloud deal

Workday announced a 7-year cloud infrastructure deal with IBM Softlayer today to run their development and testing services on IBM’s cloud, handing IBM a huge win in the process. The Wall Stree

You’ve Only Got One Shot At Building A Consumer Unicorn

Imagine if the founder of a very successful consumer technology company knocked on your door and offered to get you in on the ground floor of their new enterprise. Almost any VC would jump at the chan

NYC Rises As A Hub For Software-As-A-Service Startups

As the market continues to mature, and as we watch a blossoming of SaaS activity in New York City, we believe that NYC is poised to become a genuine leader in the formation of companies leading the ne

Why Billion-Dollar Valuations Don’t Matter

In the last few years, there’s been a massive decoupling between private and public markets. A Goldman Sachs report shows that since December, five of the seven most recent IPOs for billion-dollar s

Workday Launches Workday Ventures To Fund Machine Learning Startups

Workday, the 10 year old company that specializes in finance and human resources software in the cloud, announced a new program today called Workday Ventures, an investment arm focusing on startups wi

Workday Falls 5% Despite Beating Market Expectations In Its FQ1

Following the bell, Workday reported the results of the first quarter of its fiscal 2016. The company lost $0.02 per share during the period, using adjusted metrics, on revenue of $251.0 million. Inv

Salesforce Ties Together Different Platforms With New Performance Edition has pulled together several of its platforms to create what it calls the Performance Edition. The new service will combine the company's <a target="_blank" href="http://www.salesforce.c

Defining A Successful IPO: $FB “Flopped” Yet Workday “Wins” By Handing $470M To Investors?

Congratulations, Workday. Its share popped 74% when it IPO'd today. Or should I say condolences? $470 million ended up in the pockets of investors instead of the cloud startup's war chest. Meanwhil

HR Software Maker Workday Sets Price Range For IPO At $21 To $24 Per Share , Valued At Nearly $4B

<a target="_blank" href="">Workday</a>, a company offering online tools for enterprises to manage human resources, payroll, and finances, has set the terms for its IPO. The compa

Oracle Buys SelectMinds For Using Facebook And Social Networks To Recruit Employees

Oracle has acquired <a target="_blank" href="">SelectMinds</a>, a provider of cloud-based, social talent sourcing apps that allow companies to use social networks such as F

HR Software Maker Workday Files For $400M IPO

<a target="_blank" href="">Workday</a>, a company offering online tools for enterprises to manage human resources, payroll, and finances, just <a target="_blank" href="http://www

The Math of TechCrunch, Part 2: Does It Play Favorites?

<img src="" alt="" /> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>:  Previously, in <a href="

TC50 Backstage: Reid Hoffman on a LinkedIn IPO and What Startups May Beat Him Out

<img src="" width="215" height="159" />Here's the thing I love about Reid Hoffman. There's no "We-don't-comment-o

Workday Raises $75 Million For Human Resources Software

<img src="" width="116" height="47" /> <a href="">Workday,</a> a financial and human resources Saa

Zoho People Launches for Free. Does Have Anything to Worry About?

If you’ve heard of Zoho, you probably think of Zoho Office, its suite of Web-based productivity software (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation). But Zoho Office is primarily as a marketing