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Ask Sophie: Which visas are best for US startup accelerators?

What type of visa can we get to come to the U.S. that allows us to stay there so we can grow our startup after the accelerator ends?

Ask Sophie: Can I apply for an EB-1A without first getting an O-1A?

What do you think about applying for an EB-1A straight away without first using the O-1A as a stepping stone?

Dear Sophie: What are the student and work visa processes for grads?

I’m in India, and want to apply to an American university to study computer science and AI. What's the visa process for students and for professionals who want to work in the U.S. after graduating?

Dear Sophie: How do we qualify for each of the O-1A criteria?

Our startup will be sponsoring my co-founders and me for O-1A visas. How do we qualify for each of the O-1A criteria?

Dear Sophie: How can I present a strong O-1A or EB-1A application?

I’m considering either having my startup sponsor me for an O-1A visa or self-petitioning an EB-1A green card. Any advice or insights on how to present a strong case for an O-1A or EB-1A? Thanks!

Dear Sophie: What type of visa should we get to fundraise in Silicon Valley?

Should we come to Silicon Valley to meet with venture capitalists? How should we begin that process? What type of visa should we get and how easy is it to get?

Dear Sophie: What are Biden’s immigration changes?

What is your sense as to how the new administration will change business, corporate and startup founder immigration to the U.S.?

Dear Sophie: How did immigration change for startup founders in 2020?

I’m on an F1 OPT and am about to incorporate a startup with my two American co-founders. What were the biggest immigration changes in 2020 affecting us?

Dear Sophie: How will this election nail-biter affect immigration?

Whatever the election results, there will still be many ways for people to legally navigate the U.S. immigration process and access the opportunity and security of life here.

Dear Sophie: Can I bypass H-1B and sponsor a grad for a green card?

Given the challenges of getting an H-1B through the lottery and the visa ban, can we potentially sponsor someone for a green card?

A few words for DHS agents who have no intention of becoming immigration whistleblowers

Not that YOU would use these resources, but it might be fun to look at them in a hypothetical, “haha what if I were to expose gross injustices?” kind of way.

Dear Sophie: How can I speed up getting a green card?

There are green card options that don’t require you to have an employer or family sponsor and a few methods that might support you to minimize your wait time.

Dear Sophie: How should I prepare for a green card interview?

We’re expecting to get a green card interview scheduled soon. What should we expect and how should we prepare?

Dear Sophie: Is immigration happening? Who can I hire?

Despite the administration’s efforts, immigration is STILL possible during this pandemic.

Trump’s worker visa ban will hit Silicon Valley hard

"This would be a blow to very early-stage tech companies trying to get off the ground."