Common Fate wants to make it easier to manage privileged access for developers

Privileged access management (aka PAM) provides the ability to control access to sensitive parts of your technology environment. Rather than giving everyone access to these resources (or conversely, n

Leapfin pulls together financial info across data siloes to simplify reporting

When Leapfin founder and CEO Ray Lau was managing financial operations at the game company Zynga a decade ago, he saw just how hard it was for his team to get answers about the financial health of the

SeeMetrics scores $6M seed to surface key security metrics for CISOs

Every CISO (chief information security officer) is tasked with keeping the company safe and secure, but it isn’t always easy to see what’s happening on the ground inside a large organizati

Work-Bench report finds just 1.9% of venture investment going to female enterprise founders

A new report from early-stage venture capital firm Work-Bench confirmed what you probably already know: Startups with women founders are getting a mere sliver of the overall funding pie. What’s

New York City’s enterprise tech startups could be heading for a superheated exit wave

All told there were 22 venture rounds for New York City enterprise startups worth $100 million or more in H1 2021. How did they raise so much?

Work-Bench will continue supporting early-stage enterprise startups with new $100M fund

In spite of the pandemic, New York City remains the center of commerce and business, and over the last decade a robust startup community has developed there. Work-Bench, the NYC VC firm that concentra

Authzed scores $3.9M seed to build permissions API service

Authzed, an early-stage startup that wants to make it easier for developers to build permissions in their applications, announced a $3.9 million seed round today. The investment was led by Work-Bench

9 investors discuss hurdles, opportunities and the impact of cloud vendors in enterprise data lakes

About a decade ago, I remember having a conversation with a friend about big data. At the time, we both agreed that it was the purview of large companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Google, and not somet

Venture firms rush to find ways to support Black founders and investors

As protests against police brutality and economic manifestations of systemic racism in the U.S. continue, venture capital firms are joining the chorus of technology industry advocates lending their su

FireHydrant lands $8M Series A for disaster management tool

When I spoke to Robert Ross, CEO and co-founder at FireHydrant, we had a technology adventure. First the audio wasn’t working correctly on Zoom, then Google Meet. Finally we used cell phones to

Seed investors take long view on promising enterprise startups

If a seed-stage investor believes in the founders and their vision, and the company can ride out today’s economic upset, there’s still money in the till — at least for now.

Talking venture, B2B and thesis-driven investment with Work-Bench’s Jon Lehr

Earlier this week, the Equity crew caught up with Work-Bench investor Jon Lehr to get his take on the current market, and how his firm goes about making investment decisions. The conversation was a tr

Join prolific enterprise/SaaS seed investor Jonathan Lehr April 6 at 2pm EDT for a live conference call

It’s a tough fundraising environment out there, but one of the few glimmers of hope lies in the enterprise and SaaS markets. Critical customer problems + recurring revenues is probably where you wan

Arthur announces $3.3M seed to monitor machine learning model performance

Machine learning is a complex process. You build a model, test it in laboratory conditions, then put it out in the world. After that, how do you monitor how well it’s tracking what you designed

FireHydrant lands $1.5M seed investment to bring order to IT disaster recovery

FireHydrant, an NYC startup, wants to help companies recover from IT disasters more quickly, and understand why they happened — with the goal of preventing similar future scenarios from happenin

NYC’s Work-Bench announces $47M enterprise investment fund

Work-Bench, an early-stage enterprise startup venture capital firm based in New York City, announced its $47 million Fund II today. It follows their initial $10 million fund. Work-Bench is itself like

Work-Bench enterprise report predicts end of SaaS could be coming

Work-Bench, a New York City venture capital firm that spends a lot of time around Fortune 1000 companies, has put together The Work-Bench Enterprise Almanac: 2018 Edition, which you could think of as