• Check Out Tagxedo, A Ridiculously Cool Word Cloud Generator

    There’s a new word cloud generator in Web town, and it’s a pure delight if you’re into visualization technology, words or better yet, both. Its hard-to-remember name is Tagxedo and it was built by developer Hardy Leung and released just a couple of days ago. Leung says the inspiration for the app is Wordle, a word cloud generation tool we’ve covered once or twice in… Read More

  • Wordle In Trademark Trouble, Seeks Legal Advice

    I have much love for Wordle. I’ve used the text cloud generator dozens of time for use in presentations, TechCrunch posts and random stuff ever since I discovered the tool. But as of yesterday, the application is no longer available, and the website only displays the message copied above. In a notice and a blog post, Wordle developer Jonathan Feinberg says he’s been forced to take… Read More

  • Another Way To Look At Terms Of Service Agreements: Wordle Visualizations

    This is what you get when you use a slick tool like Wordle (try it!) to run all the words used to make up the Terms of Service agreements of seven notable internet companies: cool visualizations that somewhat capture the essence of their content. Pointless? Very. Cool? Definitely. Read More