• Woopra launches realtime analytics for paying users

    [Lebanon] Back in March, 2008 we first wrote about Woopra the realtime web analytics startup that originated from Lebanon which, unlike Google Analytics, offered a desktop application to track websites visits as they happen. Since then Woopra has been in beta, upgrading its desktop app and offering a web version . Today Woopra has come out of beta and introduced paid accounts, thus monetising… Read More

  • Betaworks Launches Chartbeat To Track Who Is Paying Attention To Your Website Right Now

    The default mode for Google Analytics and other Website tracking software often makes you wait an entire day to find out what is happening on your site. There is a 24-hour delay (although this can often be changed in settings). Speed up the feedback loop, and Websites in theory could become even more responsive to traffic and attention peaks or to unexpected sluggishness. Betaworks, John… Read More

  • Stats Junkies Get Another Fix: Woopra

    Want to talk to the people visiting your blog in real time via a chat request? That’s just one of the features of new stats/analytics startup Woopra. Think Google Analytics or Nuconomy, but in real time. The product includes real time statistics (“tiny details on every single visit and/or visitor, where they came from, what pages they visited what keywords they used… Read More