• P50-GP08: Hitachi’s Last (?) Flagship TV Can Be Controlled Via iPad/iPhone

    P50-GP08: Hitachi’s Last (?) Flagship TV Can Be Controlled Via iPad/iPhone

    Just last week, Hitachi decided to pull the plug on their domestic TV production business by year-end, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t go out with a bang. A total of six Hitachi Wooo TVs were announced [JP] in Japan today, with the 50-inch 3D model P50-GP08 stealing the show. Read More

  • Hitachi announces 5 full HD TVs with built-in 500GB HDD

    There is a clear trend in Japan, where all the relevant new TVs come from, and that’s building devices to store programs into the hardware itself, i.e. HDDs or Blu-ray recorders. Mitsubishi appears to be especially radical in this respect, announcing a TV with both a built-in Blu-ray recorder and HDD just last week. And today Hitachi followed up by adding a total of two new LCDs and… Read More

  • New Hitachi camcorder streams HD signal wirelessly to HDTV

    This new Wooo camcorder, on display at CEATEC right now, eliminates the need for an HDMI cable when reviewing or showing your footage — as long as you have a compatible Hitachi TV. I’ve never been a big fan of the in-camera viewing and editing, but a lot of people use it and you know you can always use less wires around the house. And I know you’re thinking it, so yes it… Read More

  • Hitachi adds 250GB HD to Wooo Blu-ray recorder

    Here comes the Wooo BH250, the new Hitachi Blu-ray set-top recorder with a built-in 250GB HD for storage of content. So it’s really a Blu-ray disk burner/DVR combo, which is a pretty sweet mash-up. We’ve heard that Blu-ray recording was coming to the Wooo series before, but this is the first actual model that goes on sale for the public. It’s set to hit Japan in June, and… Read More