• Kabam Acquires WonderHill, Wants To Become The Blizzard Of Social Games

    Back in May 2009, I wrote about a small social game developer called WonderHill that was looking to sidestep its competitors focused on battling mobsters and vampires by taking a very different approach: wholesome games that would appeal to the entire family. It sounded like a great idea at the time, and with a veteran team in tow that included CEO James Currier, who founded Tickle (which sold… Read More

  • No Mob Wars Here: WonderHill Nabs $7 Million To Build Wholesome Casual Games

    It’s quickly becoming clear that social gaming is a goldmine. Zynga is reportedly making as much as nine figures in revenues, and as users become more accustomed to microtransactions, these figures are poised to grow even more. But it’s also an incredibly difficult space to break into – for every successful game, there are countless others that go unnoticed, even if they… Read More