Wolfram Alpha

  • The Wolfram Alpha Demo Returns, This Time With Actual Footage Of The Service

    Yesterday, days of hype culminated in the unveiling of the Wolfram Alpha search engine, which made its debut at a presentation put on by Harvard University’s Berkman Center. Unfortunately the resulting video footage turned out to be an exercise in frustration (or boredom). Not because it was uninteresting, mind you, but because we couldn’t see the apparently innovative search… Read More

  • Harvard Posts The Wolfram Alpha Preview Video — Without A Single Shot Of The Service

    There’s a lot of buzz swirling about Wolfram Alpha, the new computational search engine — perhaps too much. But regardless, people want to see the service in action to decide for themselves. And some of those people tuned into the preview webcast put on by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society yesterday. Unfortunately, if you listened in live, it was audio-only. Read More

  • After Being Upstaged By Google, Wolfram Alpha Fires Back With A Leaked Screenshot

    Today was supposed to be a big coming out party for stealthy search engine Wolfram Alpha. Computer scientist Stephen Wolfram gave the first public demonstration of his knowledge mining search engine at Harvard. But to be honest, not too many people were paying attention because A) who wants to sit through a two-hour Webcast and B) Google decided to tease its own efforts at adding structured… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Getting A Public Preview On Tuesday

    When it was first unveiled in March, Wolfram Alpha, a new type of search engine created by computer scientist Stephen Wolfram, got a lot of buzz. Naturally, some people threw out the “Google killer” title — but it seems to be a different beast, as it’s all about knowledge search. That is to say, you ask a question, and you get an answer — with Google, you ask… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Computes Answers To Factual Questions. This Is Going To Be Big.

    Editor’s note: Below is a guest post from Nova Spivack, CEO of Radar Networks, about a new computational knowledge engine called Wolfram Alpha being developed by computer scientist Stephen Wolfram. Spivack originally published it on Twine, and it is republished here with his permission. Some of the sections have been rearranged for clarity. Stephen Wolfram is building something… Read More