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  • Wolfram Alpha Launches Problem Generator To Help Students Learn Math

    Wolfram Alpha Launches Problem Generator To Help Students Learn Math

    If you’re studying math or science, you are probably pretty familiar with Wolfram Alpha as a tool for figuring out complicated equations. That makes it a pretty good tool for cheating, but not necessarily for learning. Today, the Wolfram Alpha team is launching a new service for learners, the Wolfram Problem Generator, that turns the “computational knowledge engine” on its head. Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Makes CrunchBase Data Computable Just In Time For Disrupt SF

    Wolfram Alpha Makes CrunchBase Data Computable Just In Time For Disrupt SF

    Wolfram Alpha just announced a useful new feature if you plan to follow Disrupt San Francisco closely. It has added CrunchBase data to its computational engine. You can now learn more about a specific startup, compare them or do any other computation with other Wolfram Alpha data. Adding CrunchBase to its data sources is part of Wolfram Alpha’s ongoing effort to make everything computable. Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Launches Personal Analytics Reports For Facebook

    Wolfram Alpha Launches Personal Analytics Reports For Facebook

    Wolfram Alpha, the “computational knowledge engine” that quietly handles a large number of queries from Apple’s Siri, launched a new feature today that allows you to quickly get an overview of all your data on Facebook. The new report, says Wolfram CEO Stephen Wolfram, expands Wolfram Alpha’s “powers of analysis to give you all sorts of personal analytics.”… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Launches Its First Desktop App

    Wolfram Alpha Launches Its First Desktop App

    Wolfram Alpha, the “computational knowledge engine,” just launched a desktop app for Windows 7 PCs through Intel’s AppUp store. After launching numerous iOS and Android apps (including for the B&N Nook and Amazon’s Kindle Fire), this is the first time Wolfram Alpha is introducing a dedicated desktop app for its service. The application costs $2.99 and is only… Read More

  • If Music Be Thy Dream Of Filthy Lucre, Press Stop

    If Music Be Thy Dream Of Filthy Lucre, Press Stop

    I always enjoy seeing science fiction prophecies come true. Last month, Broadcastr. This month, Wolfram Alpha’s WolframTones, modestly subtitled “A New Kind Of Music.” (Yes, that would be the same breathtaking humility that led them to originally price the Wolfram Alpha app at a hilarious $50. Fortunately, they subsequently bought a clue.) It is pretty cool, in a geeky sort… Read More

  • If Search Engines Played Jeopardy, Which One Would Win?

    The recent victory of IBM’s Watson computer against human competitors in an exhibition round of Jeopardy got computer scientist Stephen Wolfram thinking about how regular search engines might fare in such a match-up. So he took 200,000 known Jeapardy clues and ran them through six search engines (Google, Bing, Ask, Blekko, Wikipedia Search, and Yandex). He excluded known Jeopardy… Read More

  • WolframAlpha's Android App Now Available

    Computational search engine Wolfram Alpha is debuting its Android App in the Android Market today, simultaneously launching with the new T-Mobile G2 Android phone. Similar to the iPhone app, WolframAlpha for Android is available for $1.99 in the Android Market. The app features the ability to search with a voice keyword, includes ten trillion data elements of knowledge, and tens of thousands… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Still Trying To Justify That $50 iPhone App With New Virtual Keyboards

    In October, computational engine Wolfram Alpha launched a slick iPhone app. The only problem? They miscalculated what it should cost. The app is great and all, but it’s simply not worth $50 when you can use the website for free. Today, they launched their first major update to the app, version 1.1, which brings with it one new feature: new keyboards. Specifically, Wolfram Alpha now has… Read More

  • Factual Raises $1 Million Seed Round From Andreessen Horowitz, Idealab, And Angels

    If you co-founded the company that became Google AdSense, as Gil Elbaz did with Applied Semantics, you don’t have any problem finding investors when you want to start a new venture. Elbaz sold Applied Semantics to Google for $100 million in 2003, and launched his latest startup, Factual, last October. He doesn’t really need the money, but so many all-star investors were clamoring… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Does The Math, Slashes iPhone App Price (Sort Of)

    There’s a lot to love about Wolfram Alpha’s iPhone app. But as regular readers will know, one of them is not the price. At $50, it’s just way too hard to justify the purchase when you can get all of the information online, for free. So just in time for the holidays, Wolfram Alpha is doing something about it: Slashing prices! The app will be on sale for a much-more… Read More

  • Nice Try, Wolfram Alpha. Still Not Paying $50 For Your App.

    A couple months ago, Wolfram Alpha launched an impressive iPhone application based on their “computational knowledge engine” (a fancy word for search engine predicated on math) of the same name. Unfortunately, they horribly miscalcuted what it should cost when they set the price at $50. But rather than simply lowering the price, they’re trying another trick. As we pointed out… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Results Finally Show Up In Bing

    Ever since Microsoft launched its Bing search engine last May, there’s been buzz that it’s been talking with Wolfram Alpha to license some of its search data. In August, I was able to confirm that a deal had indeed been struck between the two. Today, Bing is finally rolling out its first integration with Wolfram Alpha for searches around diet and nutrition. Whenever you do a… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha Miscalculates What Its iPhone App Should Cost

    Apple wasted little time approving Wolfram Alpha’s new iPhone app, which we hinted at last week. Just a few days after they submitted it to the store, Apple sailed it right through the approval process with such speed that it even surprised the Wolfram Alpha team, which had hoped to get some feedback from testers before the approval. I was one of those people, so rather than send… Read More

  • Post-Hype, Wolfram Alpha Turns On Its API And Preps An iPhone App

    While Wolfram Alpha, the website, has so far failed to capture the imagination of the public in a meaningful way, the core idea has always been about the data. And it does contain data that is interesting, and potentially quite useful if presented in the right way. And now others can try to figure that out, as that data takes center stage with the launch of Wolfram Alpha’s API… Read More

  • Google Squared Gets Better, But It Still Can't Find Mars

    A few months ago, Google launched an experimental new search project, called Google Squared, that literally tries to take all the messy, unstructured information on the Web and put it into neat little, labeled boxes. It is still very much in Labs, but today it got better. Google Squared can now deal with four times as many squares of data, 120 up from 30. Columns can now be sorted, and… Read More

  • What Wolfram Alpha Really Did This Summer: Struck A Deal With Bing.

    Computer scientist Stephen Wolfram gave a report today listing what the team at Wolfram Alpha, his new search engine, did this summer. They added new knowledge domains and over 2 million lines of code, classified 54,233 bugs and suggestions, and generally fixed what doesn’t work. (“Close to half the time that Wolfram|Alpha doesn’t give a result, it’s . . . because… Read More

  • Bing Versus Wolfram Alpha: A Tale Of Two Search Engine Launches

    In the past month, we’ve seen some new search engine launches. Two in particular were able to generate a hype cycle of early positive reviews and excitement: Bing and Wolfram Alpha. One was launched by Microsoft, and the other by a startup. It is inherently not a fair comparison because Microsoft has so much more money to spend on marketing ($80 to $100 million is earmarked for Bing)>… Read More

  • Google Squared Goes Live, Puts Web Search Into A Spreadsheet

    Google is taking a step towards taking all the messy, unstructured information on the Web and putting it into neat little, labeled boxes. Literally, that is what Google Squared does. First announced at last month’s Searchology event, Google Squared is now live. You can try it out. Google Squared is an experimental search engine that is in its own “labs.” It gives you… Read More

  • Putting Wolfram Alpha To The Test: Not Super-Impressed (But Here Are 50 Invites)

    Wolfram Alpha is an early primitive. The new search engine that everybody is gushing over and that even Sergey Brin is keeping an eye on, is set to launch on Monday and may soft-launch as early as later today. If you can’t wait that long the first 50 TechCrunch readers to send an email to techcrunchpreview@wolfram.com will get invited to a fully-functioning preview. (Update: invites… Read More

  • What Is Google Squared? It Is How Google Will Crush Wolfram Alpha (Exclusive Video)

    One of the next frontiers of search is taking all of the unstructured data spread helter-skelter across the Web and treat it like it is sitting in a nice, structured database. It is easier to get answers out of a database where everything is neatly labeled, stamped, and categorized. As the sheer volume of stuff on the Web keeps growing, keyword search keeps getting closer to its breaking point. Read More