• Mobile Site Developer MoFuse Rolls Out Premium Service (Discount Code)

    MoFuse, a service that will take your website and instantly create a mobile version of it, is launching a premium version of its mobile website development service for the enterprise space. MoFuse’s existing platform, which spares websites the development costs of formatting the site by hand, creates customized iPhone versions of sites in addition to the standard versions for basic… Read More

  • PragueCrunch Round-Up: Checking In With The Czechs

    So I was in Prague for the weekend together with CrunchGear’s John Biggs, in an effort to learn more about the Czech tech scene first hand. The organizer of the event, dubbed PragueCrunch, was Jack DeNeut from Nelso, an American who has been living there for the past 16 years and is extremely well connected with the local community. When we weren’t enjoying the great weather on… Read More