• World of Warcraft headset available for purchase

    While we reviewed it a few weeks ago, Creative’s World of Warcraft headset hasn’t been available for purchase until today. Time to get your geek on! Read More

  • Et tu, Nokia?

    In the US we have a somewhat myopic view of cell phones. We have iPhones and Blackberrys and now Androids and Nexuses for smartphones, and a whole bunch of feature phones from manufacturers like LG and Motorola and Samsung. Notably absent from most wireless stores in the U.S. are Nokia, which is odd since Nokia owns more of the global cell phone market than its next three competitors combined. Read More

  • Wi-REACH: Roll your own 3G hotspot

    So you like the idea of the MiFi but you already have a 3G USB stick, eh? The Wi-REACH aims to give you the best of both worlds with a $99 cradle that turns your 3G USB stick into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Read More

  • Wi-Fi school bus keeps kids quiet

    A school district in Arizona has outfitted one of its school buses with a $200 mobile 3G Wi-Fi router and $60-per-month access. And guess what? Instead of punching each other and yelling all the way to school, the kids quietly tap, tap, tap away on their laptops. Read More

  • Review: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Speaker System

    The Short Version: You’ll be hard pressed to find a higher fidelity desktop audio rig than this. But the wireless capability is rather limited in its application, and the price runs a little high for a 2.1 system. Read More

  • The InFocus DisplayLink Wireless system cuts the cord between Macs and InFocus projectors

    One of the most frustrating things about using a projector is setting up all the cords. You have to connect the video, probably the audio (at least in a business setting) and get the whole thing up and running. If you have a Mac, life gets even more complicated due to the lack of an HDMI or DVI port, which is the industry standard for projectors. InFocus is fixing all that with their new… Read More

  • TDK announces wireless (Kleer) headphones

    TDK‘s main business is producing not too sexy electronic materials and data-storage media, which means the company announcing [JP] new headphones today is a rare occasion. The TH-WR700, to be marketed under Imation‘s “TDK Life on Record” brand, are wireless headphones (2.4GHz) that are based on Kleer (not Bluetooth) technology. Read More

  • Haier shows off wirelessly-powered TV

    The future will be wireless. That’s what they keep saying, anyway. And while smaller devices are relatively easy to charge inductively, this TV from Haier is actually being wirelessly powered altogether. The technology comes from MIT spinoff WiTricity, which specializes in “wireless electricity delivered over distance.” Read More

  • Handheld PS3 device for fanbois to cuddle at night

    So here’s a somewhat interesting gadget. Instead of converting a PS3 into a hand-held device, a crafty modder named techknott built a custom transmitter. The transmitter allows a player to not only control their PS3 remotely, but also to view the output on a small video screen. Read More

  • Verizon jumps on prepaid data bandwagon

    Oh pretty netbook lady, you go about your daily life with your face buried in the goings-on of your hectic corporate lifestyle, unwilling to avert your gaze from the tiny 10.1-inch screen that dictates your graceful movements for even a mere moment in time. Read More

  • Klipsch ProMedia speakers rock the wireless

    Klipsch announced their new ProMedia 2.1 speakers today. Designed for use with a laptop system in mind, these THX-certified speakers are totally mostly wireless. Read More

  • Nintendo considering adding Kindle-like wireless access to future DS

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Amazon Kindle the first device to launch with built-in wireless (that is, cellular data) access? You know, you pay for the device, and then you don’t have to pay monthly wireless access because it’s already included in the cost of the device? It’s pretty neat, I think I can say without too much grief, and is a model… Read More

  • Best Buy announces the launch of Rocketfish Rocketboost

    No, it’s not a new type of pet disposal system, it’s a wireless whole house audio delivery system. Rocketfish takes the audio output from your device, and the transmits it to the strategically placed speakers throughout your home. Read More

  • Bose hops on the wireless streaming bandwagon

    Wireless has always been the new exciting thing in consumer electronics. Remote controls, game console controllers, Sony’s <a href="http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/10/05/sony-develops-cord-free-power-transfer-system-for-home-electronics/"wireless power transfer, and now Bose is taking another foray into the action. Their second wireless-capable device, The Wave Music… Read More

  • Tiny $80 travel router does wireless N

    Take it from me: a good, inexpensive, small travel router is hard to find. This $80 pocket-sized wireless N-compatible router may be just what the doctor ordered, assuming your doctor is progressive enough to write you prescriptions for computer peripherals. Read More

  • TENQA rolls out three new Bluetooth audio devices

    Bluetooth is a really versatile technology, and despite the fact that it has been out for years, we’re still seeing new stuff come out that uses it. That’s where this latest example comes in from TENQA. Read More

  • Toshiba announces universal wireless docking station

    Toshiba announced a new wireless docking port station. It’s designed to provide a connection to a full size keyboard, mouse, and monitor, docking stations previously required users to physically place their laptop or notebook computer on a connection. Read More

  • WPA encryption cracked in under a minute

    Researchers in Japan have developed an attack against WiFi Protected Access when using the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) that can successfully break the encryption in less than a minute. If you’re using WPA with TKIP, switch to AES, or step up to WPA2. Read More

  • Only in Japan: KDDI shows off wireless microSD card

    Wireless Japan is currentlying going in Tokyo and KDDI is showing off some impressive wares. The most notable being a Wi-Fi enabled 802.11b/g microSD card. KDDI says that it will boost Wi-Fi performance when mounted to a mobile phone. No word on when these will hit the market. via Tech-On Read More

  • This wireless speaker, it floats!

    If you have a swimming pool then you, my friend, need this little waterproof floating wireless speaker that looks like the thing that pops up out of the muck in the trash compactor in Star Wars. This one doesn’t have a cool robotic eye, though, just “Rich sounding bass. Crisp treble. And no wires.” Read More

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