• What It's Like To Go Through Y Combinator (The Wired Version)

    What It's Like To Go Through Y Combinator (The Wired Version)

    Paul Graham and Y Combinator just got the Wired treatment. Steven Levy writes a long and loving article which evokes what it’s like to go through the program (or at least what it’s like to be a fly on the wall watching startups who go through the program). A big part of the Y Combinator experience is learning from Paul Graham, who is like a Jedi master for startups. Graham is… Read More

  • iPad ‘Hack’ Lets You Read Wired, The New Yorker & La Gazzetta Dello Sport For Free

    Turns out it’s pretty easy to get free issues of several popular publications via an iPad hack of sorts. All credit to Italian site Il Post, which was shown the technique by a group named Dark Apples. Nice. Bottom line is, you can read publications like the New Yorker, Wired, and La Gazzetta dell Sport (note: YES~!) for free. Well, for the time being, you can. Read More

  • Wired Declares The Web Is Dead—Don't Pull Out The Coffin Just Yet

    Wired Declares The Web Is Dead—Don't Pull Out The Coffin Just Yet

    The Web is dead, or at least in decline, declares Wired editor Chris Anderson in the magazine’s September cover story. The article is anchored by the startling infographic above, which shows the proportion of different types of traffic on the Internet. The Web, HTML traffic visible though a browser, is only about a quarter (23%) of the overall traffic, down from about half a decade ago. Read More

  • World of Warcraft headset available for purchase

    While we reviewed it a few weeks ago, Creative’s World of Warcraft headset hasn’t been available for purchase until today. Time to get your geek on! Read More

  • Condé Nast betting the farm on tablet PCs

    It’s good to see at least one print media outlet start to get it. Conde Nast announced recently that Wired isn’t going to be the only one of their properties showing up on tablets; GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Glamour will be there as well. Read More

  • Wired's iPad tablet app: lookin' good

    Although the iPad was a disappointment to us as far as what we were expecting, I’m still excited to try one out because I know it will be one of the devices that really helps introduce and popularize the tablet computer. And one consequence of this is the kind of app Wired is making, an alternative to print and perhaps a superior one. There are issues that will have to be worked out, but… Read More

  • World of Warcraft headphones get pricing, details

    Creative is finally giving up some details on the World of Warcraft headset that they showed off at BlizzCon and CES. The price is a bit higher then we’d all like, with an MSRP of $159.99 for the wireless version, and $119.99 for the wired version. They do look cool though, I like the choice between the Horde and Alliance artwork lit up on the sides. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1 year of Wired for $4

    Yes, we know. Magizines are dying, but that doesn’t mean they are suddenly void of great content. Like Wired. Great mag. I often pick one up on impulse during a bookstore trip. But I don’t have to anymore. DiscountMags.com has the hook-up, offering an entire year of Wired for less than the cost of one issue. Read More

  • Apple suing Wired over netbook hackintosh video [Update]

    Wired’s Brian X. Chen twittered to the world that Apple was suing his publication over his video tutorial teaching us Luddites how to hack netbooks to run Mac OS X. As Giz points out, Apple isn’t likely to sue them, but, rather, send over a cease and desist order. It’s all pretty trivial if you ask me. Read More

  • Dexter Ad Rips Off Wired

    Is there an overlap between readers of Wired and viewers of Dexter, the Showtime series about a serial killer? An upcoming ad campaign for the show will feature Dexter (aka actor Michael C. Hall of Six Feet Under fame) gracing the cover of a magazine that looks exactly like Wired, which is owned by Conde Nast. Read More

  • Gallery: Revenge on the gear you hate

    Sometimes our technology just doesn’t do for us what we want it to. Whether it’s the software going haywire or the hardware malfunctioning, our gear can sometimes be frustrating. Most of us have had fantasies about throwing our laptop out of a window or shooting that smartphone with a gun, but leave it to Wired to put together a collection of people who’ve done just that. Read More

  • Wired compiles list of celebs as if they were D&D characters; Gary Gygax rolling perfect 20s in his grave

    Having reported on all the news in the tech world the good people from Wired have compiled a list of a few popular celebrities and had its readers score them as if they were D&D characters. No, really, they get paid to do this. It’s entertaining, but kind of juvenile. Maybe we should offer them work here. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: March issue of Wired is FREE

    In case you missed Nicholas’ post this morning about things being Free in the future then you probably missed a free copy of the March issue of Wired. We did too so don’t feel bad. Thanks to GeekSugar for giving us the heads up. There are only 10,000 copies available and we’re not sure how many are left so you better act fast. Get the March 2008 of Wired for Free! [GS] Read More

  • Free free free: Wired predicts business will move to gratis model

    [photopress:freeeeeee.jpg,full,center] In the future, everything will be free. Free, though, means different things to different people. Grab a cup of coffee, this one’s gonna take a while. Wired’s editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, famous for his “Long Tail” theory, has a new one up his sleeve this month, and it’s one that we should have seen coming. Simply… Read More

  • A day late and a dollar short, Wired lists OiNK alternatives: Welcome to last week

    Poor Wired. Its post on how to “cheat” the music industry could be one of the lamest I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially Digg bait, despite the fact that, at this point, everyone everywhere has already done such an article, including us. “But it’s up to you to fill in the blanks.” Sure, OK. Listed sites/services include Lala.com, Last.fm, BOiNK (oh, you… Read More

  • Chris "Long Tail" Anderson is mad as hell and will not take it anymore

    Another long tail. HA! Bloggers with little or no access to PR folks — here’s your chance. Chris Anderson, EIC of Wired, is pissed off at a bunch of marketing folks who keep bombarding him with emails that have little if anything to do with his day-to-day job as “guy who thinks up overwrought memes.” As payback, he trapped a bunch of releases and banned their senders… Read More

  • Wired Almost-Sorta Reviews the Leopard WWDC Beta: Most Impressive

    The WWDC build of Leopard still hasn’t leaked onto the Internet (aside from, perhaps, some super-private BitTorrent trackers), but Wired has a mini-review of the beta. Keeping in mind that Leopard isn’t scheduled to come out until October, Wired basically gave it the Thumbs Up. The brightest spot seems to be the new Finder, which makes browsing around your file system easier. Read More

  • What's In This Bag?

    Kevin Poulsen, ex-hacker extraordinaire, posted a teaser image on Threat Level, one of the Wired blogs. He writes: I’m so excited by this piece we’re running tomorrow, that I’m posting this preview pic to give THREAT LEVEL readers an exclusive chance to guess what the subject is. Here’s a clue: this will be the best thing that’s ever appeared on the internet. Read More

  • Want To Blog For Wired?

    Wired Magazine is hiring one or two bloggers for its Epicenter business blog. You must be “fast, accurate, curious, motivated and willing to trash Digg every once in a while to be considered (I added that last qualification myself :-) ). To apply, email them a 200 word blog post on a recent Silicon Valley business topic. Details on the position and how to apply are here. Of course, if… Read More

  • Wired Relaunch This Week: (fuzzy) Screenshots

    Wired Magazine has been working on a back and front end site overhaul since the print and online versions of the brand were reunited last year by Condé Naste. Deeper integration with Reddit, which was acquired in October 2006, is also expected. We expect at least part of the new design and functionality to be released later this week, and have obtained rather fuzzy screen shots of how it… Read More