Google Does Winter Cleaning, Shuts Down “Less Popular” Calendar Features, Punchd Loyalty App, Multiple Sync Services

Google likes to make sweeping changes in bulk, getting rid of features that it thinks don't really matter. Why don't they matter? Its users tell them so by not using them. In a <a target="_blank" h

Genius: New App Wakes You Up Earlier If It Snowed Last Night

This is smart: a new alarm clock application for the iPhone and Android wakes you earlier if it snowed last night. Called simply, "Winter Wake-Up," the app lets you configure its settings to wake you

ColdAvenger mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air, sounds like a superhero

<img title="coldavenger" src="" alt="" />Look! Up in the sky! It’s ColdAvenger! No! It’s a guy on skis wearing a ColdAvenger mas

Boots transform into boots with spikes

<img src="" />These boots are a smart idea. I don’t know if they’re <em>$200 smart</em> but that’s Hammacher Schlemmer’s problem,

Fancy North Face jackets with built-in iPod controls~!

<img src="" />The North Face makes good stuff, right? (I don't know, I'm a Rocawear man myself.) Well just in time for winter's icy grip

SoftBank's complete 17 cell phone winter line-up (photo gallery)

<img src="" /> <a href="

Japan gets 11 new cell phones: KDDI's full winter line-up (photo gallery)

<img src="" /> Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au showed <a href="

Video: Arduino-powered life size electronic snowball fight game (I can’t explain it)

Okay, just humor me and watch the video, please. It’s not like I get paid to describe things with… those… um, you know, the things that make stuff readable. With individual letters, etc. And per

Windshield defroster with built-in timer

If you live in a place that gets dead-ass cold in winter, I can tell you first-hand that there’s pretty much no better way to spend $200-$300 than on a remote car starter (if you can install it your

Snowball Blaster: Now you’re all in big, big trouble

Of course the Snowball Blaster should hit the scene when I’m damn near thirty and too old to go get in snowball fights with the neighborhood children. “It’s that creepy blogger!” all the paren

KDDI unveils winter/fall cell phone line-up (photo gallery)

Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au yesterday unveiled new cell phones for its year-end sales campaign. Priced between $400 and $550, the first handsets will be sold in early Novembe

Freehands gloves have removable finger tips for touchscreen phone use

A quickie for those of you who own, or are about to own, a phone with a touchscreen. You know, iPhone, G1, et cetera. The guy who founded Cool Hunting—an online version of the “strange but tru

Blue fish hand warmer mouse pad thing

Dammit. I might have to order one of these adorable fish warmy hand mouth things. My hands get mighty cold in the winter thanks to a drafty home office and my slightly below-average circulation, so I

Gadgets for Christmas? No way, Jose. I want an expensive Armani overcoat.

What do I want for Christmas? Honestly, I’ve got pretty much everything I want as far as tech goes. I have a reliable computer (an iMac), a cellphone that works when I need it to (some Verizon P

O'neill H4 Campack ready for Winter

O’neill, the surf brand, like many other surf brands venture into other action sports and for good reason. Without surfing the other boarding sports just wouldn’t exist. You can’t ar

Toasty Ears For Your iPod

Before I moved to NYC from the Midwest, I never had to spend large amounts of time outside during the winter. But the era of jumping from one warm place to another warm place is over. Without a car in

Warming Gloves Use Your Breath For Heat

File this one under “bacteria ridden” and “disgusting”. Apparently some company named Gorgonz(ola cheese?) thinks that the best way for you to keep your hands warm is by blowin

Gaming Scarves For The Brrrrr Weather

We are well into December and the cold weather has just started to hit us over here in San Francisco, and that means one thing: Winter shopping time! These classic gaming scarves are made of 100% Meri