• Dell Venue Pro rebelling against honest SIM cards

    Bad Venue Pro! Bad! Naughty! It looks like Dell’s rebellious son, the WinPho7 powered Venue Pro, has again decided to turn against those that only want to bring it love; this time, its issue is with the humble SIM card. Jump on past the break for the full, sordid tale. Read More

  • WinPho 7 screenshots – almost final?

    Microsoft has been throwing their latest builds into the Windows Phone developer tools, so they haven’t exactly been secretive about exactly what WinPho is going to look like. Luckily, there’s a developer who’s shared the latest shots with us, from what looks to be close to the final ROM. Read More

  • Adobe Flash 10.1 holds out for Windows Phone 7, 6.5 devices can haz upgrade to WP7?

    Just the other day, hearts were broken all over the world when Microsoft said that current Windows Mobile 6.5 devices won’t be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 7. The good news is that might not entirely be true as Microsoft said on Twitter that it’s entirely up to hardware manufacturers. Way to confuse us! Another area where WinMo 6.5 gets no love? Adobe Flash 10.1. Read More

  • Microsoft to WinMo 6.5 devices: You want WinPho 7? You can't handle WinPho 7!

    Earlier this week we told you guys that Windows Mobile 6.5 was going to stick around after Windows Phone 7 hits the masses. It would even take on a new name — Windows Phone Classic. With everyone sticking around and playing nice at this party, you’d think that maybe current WinMo 6.5 handsets might get a little Windows Phone 7 love. Sorry to burst your bubble. Read More

  • Out with the old, in with the new: Windows Mobile 6.5 gets a name change

    If you thought that Windows Mobile 6 would fade into oblivion because Windows Phone 7 is coming soon, think again. Not only will the OS stick around for a while longer, but it’s getting a name change, too: Windows Phone Classic. Of course, we all knew this was going to happen, so no surprises here, right? Read More