• Catch Up With Some Of Last Year’s Big Crunchies Winners, More Tickets Available NOW

    Catch Up With Some Of Last Year’s Big Crunchies Winners, More Tickets Available NOW

    A year is a long time, especially in the technology world. I can’t even remember what I was doing at this particular time last year without looking at my foursquare check-in history…sad, I know. I do know where I was in January, though — at The Crunchies. I wasn’t a part of TechCrunch yet. I attended as a guest while working for The Next Web. I wasn’t sure what it… Read More

  • Node.js Knockout 2011 Winners Revealed

    Node.js Knockout 2011 Winners Revealed

    Joyent has revealed the winners of Node Knockout, the annual Node.js hacking competition it sponsors. This year’s hackathon, which encourages developers to build apps using the increasingly popular server-side JavaScript environment Node.js, included over 320 teams with more than 700 people competing. That’s a big jump from the 100 teams and 250 participants seen in 2010. The… Read More

  • National Photo Month contest winners!

    Next time I run a contest on CrunchGear, I am definitely not going to commit to selecting a random winner. The submissions for our National Photo Month contest were great! They were clever, artistic, and truly enjoyable. You guys outdid yourselves, and I really wish I could reward everyone who entered with a prize. But alas, I committed to selecting three random winners. Click on through to… Read More

  • And our costume contest winner is…

    What do a crane game, two Iron Men, and Wall-E have in common? They’re all some of the amazing costumes you guys sent in to our First Annual Costume Contest. You’ve all picked your winners and it’s time to unveil him – or her – to the world… Read More

  • The Big Reveal: The DustBuster winners

    And now for the five winners of modern Black & Decker DustBusters. I picked them all based on effort and implied need and so we have some of the best vacuuming stories ever to come out of the readership of a consumer electronics blog. Special thanks to Black&Decker for the opportunity and happy birthday DustBuster! Read More

  • The Andrew Gross Kindle 2 winner is…

    Who is the champions? You is the champions! As you may well remember, Harper Collins and Andrew Gross have teamed up to offer you, the fine readers of TC and CG a Kindle 2 and/or a copy of Don’t Look Twice, Gross’ latest thriller chiller. To that end, I am proud to announce the winners of a signed copy of Gross’ book, suitable for framing, reading, or reading then framing. Read More

  • CG/TC Notebook winners: Your pithy wit etherized like a patient on a table

    As you recall, we were giving away some notebooks from and We asked for your worst lines of overwrought poetry and clearly we struck a nerve because we got 115 examples of some of the worst verse imaginable, plus some folks who couldn’t figure things out. Our first winner, picked at random, is Russell: Read More

  • And the WickedLasers winner is…

    To recap, I ran a giveaway in my WickedLasers Elite review asking for folks to tell me how they’d use the laser. The response was tremendous and now we have a winner. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: The End

    Before we announce the big winners, let me take a moment to thank you all. You’re basically the reason we all get up in the morning (that and needing to pee) and you’ve helped define CrunchGear as a site that is as factually accurate as the World Book Encyclopedia I still have at my parents house that my grandma bought at the Giant Eagle in Martins Ferry, Ohio and as funny as… Read More

  • Congratulations to our Day 4 and 5 Winners

    Little family emergency here but here are the day 4 and 5 winners. Thanks for playing! Nyko Charge Stations for Wii: Steve Jabs, SciFiChick
    Nyko Charge Base 2s for PS3: David, Tom
    Samson H2 Recorder: orn310
    Watches: Patricia, JeremyJones
    360GB Passport Drive via Twitter: Sarah
    V770 Mice: Scottus, Peter Brown
    Fuel Cells: LittleRed, ContestBlogger, Brent M, Hawk88, Betsy,Tullip, Jeremy… Read More

  • Congratulations to our Day 3 winners

    $100 Handango Gift Card – Denny
    2TB Drive – Jeff
    Sidekick – Lemhaj
    Kippahs – Tdburn
    Mr. W
    slevy Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Day Two Winners

    Two days down, eight to go. Congratulations to our Day 2 winners. G’zOne Phones – Scott Cooper
    TDBurn Jeremy Calkins – SlingBox kit Read More

  • First Day of CrunchGear winners

    Just got in from a long drive and only now got a chance to pick a few winners for our first day’s drawing. Look forward to more amazing stuff tomorrow, though, readers. Why? Because we wuv you. Solio – Kyle
    Phil Havens – Dash Express
    Diane McCarthy – Optio A10
    Nathan Hoover via Twitter – My Passport Essential USB drive 250 GB Read More

  • TeleNav contest winners!

    Thanks to everyone for entering. The following readers came closest to the winning price of $4.095: Eric, Sam, and Cory. You’ll be receiving an e-mail soon, guys. Thanks for playing. Read More

  • Engineering Disasters DVD contest concludes; you may already be a winner!

    If you didn’t know about our excellent contest to win these cool DVDs, now is your chance to, well, find out who won it. There are four winners and I’m sending out emails right after I type this. I disqualified one guy for including the Power Glove on his list. Actually, I didn’t, but I did scowl at the screen for a little while. I love the Power Glove. It’s so… Read More

  • Holiday Horror Contest winners

    I’m pleased to announce the two winners in our Holiday Horror contest: * beaudeal’s Holiday Horror: Canada has too much snow
    * XDonBoard’s Holiday Horror: Rompin’ through the desert with illegals and no cash! These two crazy kids got the most total votes and comments. Special thanks to AT&T and TeleNav for the great prizes. Read More

  • gPhone Madness winners

    Through the use of advanced math techniques, namely doing a query and scoring entries based on comments, vote total, and number of votes, we’ve found that mickmel won with a score of 301 and ObsessedWithShiny won with a score of 388. We got 51 full, well thought-out entries along with this: Phone Idea: Transformer
    Unregistered The phone should transform into a car and then a robot… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Winners So Far

    We’re closing three contests today and we’d like to congratulate the following winners for submitting some charming entries. I picked all winners at random using number generator. Delphi Nav 300 – Jared W (Remember: Clues show up on Facebook as well!)
    Kodak 5300 All-In-One – Anastasia F
    Samsung L77 – Killian T Read More

  • Pater Obsoletis: Votes Tallied, the Winner Is…

    Well, I tallied all the write-ins and all the comments and it looks like we have a winner. But first, a huge shout-out to Hitachi for hooking us up with the P42H401: Hitachi’s more than 50 years of TV experience, manufacturing and image refinement come together in the 42″ HD1080 Plasma HDTV. Hitachi uses proprietary technology to redefine High Definition, providing outstanding… Read More