The iPad Winner: We just made Jeff very happy

After running through a set of random numbers, we picked Jeff, who commented “meeee please!” when offered the chance to win an iPad. His incessant, high-pitched needling encouraged us to p

Congratulations to Andrew S. and his office, for winning our contest

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Update: Netflix announces exactly who won that $1,000,000 prize

<img src="" />Well, it's official buckaroos, Netflix announced today exactly who won that $1,000,000 prize. If you remember, they announ

YOU IS WINNAR! The Pleo finds a home

<img src="">Wow. You guys wanted a Pleo. When we offered <a HREf="

Giveaway: Palate cleansing Nyko ChargeStation for the Wii

Whew. So all the DX nonsense is over. How about a little something to nosh? I have a Nyko ChargeStation for Wii in my office just waiting for a lucky commenter. I’ll pick one winner at random to

Peek contest winners!

Who knew a simple little gadget like the Peek could garner so many entries? Not me – that’s for sure. It only does e-mail! Without further ado, the following two individuals have won thems

Nikon digital SLR is Europe's camera of the year

Nikon says their digital SLR D3 has been chosen as Europe’s Camera of the Year 2008-2009 by the European Imaging and Sound Association. The camera has already won the Camera Grand Prix 2008 awar