WinMo 7 delayed until the second half of next year?

ASUS taking on the Omnia with a 5-MP WinMo handset of their own?

Wuh-oh. Looks like the Samsung Omnia might soon have a heavy-handed challenger in the 5 MP Windows Mobile 6.1 handset arena. The specs are in no way official until ASUS gets around to makin’em s

Google knows where you at

This week Google announced Mobile Search with My Location, for devices running on Windows Mobile. By either using GPS or cell-ID, Google can tap into your location and deliver location-specific inform

Motorola Q9h gets revamped in silver, comes with WinMo 6.1

Fanfare? What’s that? Out of the blue, AT&T stores have started receiving shipments of newly renovated Motorola Q9h. Sure, it’s just a new chrome & silver body wrapped around the s

Samsung OMNIA reviewed

Dave at MobilityToday rocked out with the Samsung Ominia, a WinMo 6.1 smartphone straight out of Hong Kong. He does a full video review so I won’t spoil it for you but it’s a rare bird and

‘FriendMobilizer’ brings Facebook to Windows Mobile

MoDaCo is reporting a new standalone Windows Mobile application that brings Facebook to the small screen. While it’s no secret that you can access a mobile version of Facebook from just about mobile

Microsoft says it doesn't fear iPhone 3G, won't release Zune phone

First person to understand and explain why I’m using this pic gets an invite to or Don’t laugh, but Microsoft says that, as far as 3G phones are concerned, it’s go

BlackBerry Curve runs Windows Mobile, according to Radio Shack

Radio Shack is selling a WinMo Curve mash-up in a half-page circular it’s giving away in stores. In case you couldn’t tell this is a huge mistake and basically proves that Radio Shack shou

Windows Mobile, she is dying

Microsoft Watch has a good examination of the slow improvement in market share for Windows Mobile. Their assessment? The interface is hampering sales. Duh! Symbian is, of course, the number one smartp

Video: YouTube running in Flash in IE on WinMo 6.1

iPhone-ize your WinMo phone: What all this about a sow's ear?

While this isn’t as sexy as the HTC Touch interface — dig the cube, man — this new piece of software from PointUi mimics some iPhone functionality while hiding the hard mess of WinMo

Fring Coming To Windows Mobile Devices

Fring is getting ready to announce that the free VoIP service will be coming to Windows Mobile devices, but I felt like spilling the beans and letting you all know first. Let the Fringing begin! Fring

SMobile: Mobile Security For Your Mobile

We at CG as technology “experts” are often approached by friends and family for solutions to life’s technological problems. Por ejemplo, a friend noticed an increase in his Blackberr

HTC Debuts Three Windows Mobile Smartphones, Expands Range

HTC keeps cranking out smartphones faster than we can write about them, and today is no different, as there are three new Windows Mobile 5-powered devices on their way from HTC this quarter. The three