DoorDash begins piloting drone deliveries in the US

DoorDash is expanding its partnership with Alphabet’s Wing to bring its drone delivery pilot to the U.S., the company announced on Thursday. Select users in Christiansburg, Virginia will be able

Alphabet’s Wing supersizes delivery drones to tow big orders

Wing, the drone delivery company operated by Alphabet, aims to introduce a larger craft capable of towing heavier 5-pound packages.

Walmart is adding Wing drone deliveries to limited Superstores this year

Wing is expanding drone deliveries to a pair of Texas-area Walmart Superstores later this year. The Alphabet-owned drone firm says the two offerings will cover a combined 60,000 homes in the greater D

How curbside pickup caused Wing to rethink its approach to drone delivery

In many ways, drone delivery still feels very pie in the sky in terms of scalable e-commerce. In smaller, controlled pockets, however, the concept is going swimmingly. Among the spots is a small Googl

Winging it

Once again, your intrepid robotics reporter finds himself in the warm embrace of the Bay. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the warmest I was ever embraced was early summer in Santa Clara. I’m writing this

Wing likens its drone ‘delivery network’ to rideshare

Drone delivery is one of those ideas that’s been sold as “the next big thing” forever. Regardless of how bullish you happen to be on the technology, there’s undeniably a lot that has to be fig

Dispatches from the conference room

Greetings on a brisk New England morning. I’m finally here on my long threatened trip to Boston. I was planning to be here in early July ahead of our robotics event, but SARS-CoV-2 and its many vari

Wing brings drone delivery options to DoorDash customers in Logan, Australia

DoorDash is teaming up with Alphabet’s Wing to offer customers an easier way to arrange for goods to be delivered via drone. Beginning this week, a small number of DoorDash users in Logan, Austr

One size doesn’t fit all for Wing’s drone deliveries

For many, drone delivery has understandably felt like a fool’s errand. It’s a category clouded by regulator and logistical concerns, and one that’s often felt — at best — a long ways

Dough, drones, bananas and berries

I last spoke with Bill Peduto over the summer. It was an exit interview of sorts, closing out eight years serving as Pittsburgh’s mayor. This week, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) announced that th

Alphabet’s Wing is bringing drone delivery to Texas this week

Wing this morning announced that it is adding Texas to its list of drone delivery markets. On April 7, the Alphabet-owned operation will be arriving in Frisco and Little Elm, a pair of towns in the Da

Putting the autonomous cart before the robotic horse

I’m writing this fresh off hosting TechCrunch Live this week with Jonathan Hurst of Agility Robotics and Bruce Leak of Playground Global. I’ll be posting more about the session later this week, bu

Alphabet’s Wing drones hit 200,000 deliveries as it announces supermarket partnership

Alphabet’s drone service Wing this morning announced another milestone, as it hit 200,000 commercial deliveries. The number, which the firm says excludes test flights, comes half-a-year after it hit

How Meituan is redefining food delivery in China with drones

On a congested sidewalk next to a busy mall in Shenzhen, a 20-something woman uses a smartphone app to order a milk tea on Meituan, a major food delivery company. In less than 10 minutes, the pearl-wh

More talk about attaching sniper rifles to robots

The whole gun on a robot thing was a question we’ve been barreling toward since the first practical quadrupedal robots arrived. Last week, that came to an inevitable head when a Ghost Robotics syste

Walgreens will deploy Wing drone deliveries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

Alphabet today announced that Walgreens is partnering with Wing to bring drone-based deliveries to a portion of Texas’s Dallas-Forth Worth region. The drugstore giant will be the first to take advan

Robot response team

I’ve been working on a big project the past several days (more on that soon), which means, unfortunately, I’ve been away from the daily breaking news. That means, in turn, that I really haven’t

Alphabet’s Wing tests drone deliveries from shopping center rooftops in Australia

Alphabet subsidiary Wing has launched a pilot program that will have its drones fly products from the rooftops of shopping centers, kicking off the program n its biggest market: Logan, Australia.

I don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and robot legs

Wing approaches 100,000 drone deliveries two years after Logan, Australia launch

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