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Microsoft updates its Arm-based Surface Pro X tablet with a faster CPU

Microsoft today announced the second generation of its Arm-based Surface Pro X tablet. The first generation of the Pro X launched last October and since then, Microsoft worked with Qualcomm to design

Microsoft launches Windows 10 on ARM, with HP and ASUS promising 20+ hours of battery life

Windows laptops and tablets have traditionally run on X86 processors from the likes of Intel and AMD. Microsoft experimented with using ARM-based processors when it launched the Surface RT and Windows

Microsoft debug policy leak could make Windows Phones useful again

Microsoft looks to have inadvertently made some of its own orphaned devices useful again, after accidentally leaking a debug policy that could allow owners of Windows powered hardware such as earlier

Leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Points To Impending Merger Between The Mobile OS And Windows RT

A leaker took to Reddit earlier today and listed details of Microsoft's coming Windows Phone 8.1 surfaced through early access to the update's software development kit (SDK).

Nokia Pledges Allegiance To Windows RT With The $499 Lumia 2520 Tablet

Microsoft is dead-set on keeping Windows RT with devices like the Surface 2, but now that it’s committed to shelling out $7.2 billion for Nokia’s devices business, the folks in Redmond hav

Microsoft Releases Code To Fix Surface RT Tablets Borked By Windows RT 8.1 Upgrade

The Windows RT 8.1 upgrade <a href="">is on hiatus</a> until Microsoft can fix an

Foursquare Launches Its Windows 8 And RT Apps For More Beautiful Local Exploration

Foursquare first pulled back the curtain on its native Windows 8 app back at Microsoft's BUILD conference last June and proceeded to keep the project under wraps since then. After quietly cranking awa

Tablet Tribulations: Asus Dumps Windows RT While NVIDIA Hopes For The Best

Asus may have a hand in producing Google's refreshed Nexus 10 Android tablet, but recent remarks from the company's chief executive reveal that the Taiwanese company is turning up its nose at the pros

Windows RT 8.1 Update Will Bring Full Outlook 2013 Desktop App To RT Tablets

This has long been rumored, but Microsoft just announced that Windows RT, its operating system for ARM-based tablets and other small touch-enabled devices, will get Outlook 2013 once the free Windows

Microsoft, Stop Trying To Make Windows RT Happen

Bloomberg is <a target="_blank" href="">reporting</a> this morning that Microsoft is cutting the price of W

HTC Reportedly Pulls The Plug On A 12-Inch Windows RT Tablet, But A Smaller Tab Lives On

HTC is currently sailing through a patch of rough seas, and it seems as though the company is starting to rethink its tablet strategy. According to a recent report from <a target="_blank" href="http:/

Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green Says Windows RT’s Slow Start Is A Consumer Education Problem

Microsoft’s Corporate VP for Windows Julie Larson-Green was at WIRED’s Business Conference today, and she was put on the spot when asked by interviewer and WIRED Senior Editor Michael V. C

The Windows Store Crosses 50,000 Available Apps For Windows 8 And Windows RT

It's been said that there aren't many apps available for Windows 8. I've said that <a href="">on occasion</a>. But that's

Twitter Launches Its First Official App For Windows 8 And RT

Twitter just launched its first app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. It’s been a long time coming, but the new app does seem to do the platform justice, with a number of Windows 8-centric features,

After Previously Blocking It, Microsoft Now Enables Flash By Default On IE10 For Windows 8 And RT

Today, Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8’s Metro/Modern UI mode and on Windows RT blocks Flash by default and only allows sites on Microsoft’s curated Compatibility View (CV) lists to play

A Surface Mini Could Wake Up Windows Phone 8

I love the idea of the Surface: compelling hardware, striking form factor, and, in the case of the Pro, smart compromises to offer a good value. But the products fail to live up to their promise. They

TechCrunch Apparently Now Has An Official Windows 8/RT App

So I'm giving the Surface RT <a href="">another go</a>. I took it down from the shelf, blew off the dust and loaded some movies on it for

Acer Wisely Shelves Windows RT Tablet Launch Until Q2 2013

Hope you weren't waiting for an Acer Windows RT tablet. The company is not releasing its offering until later next year. Originally, Acer was going to launch Windows RT tablets in the first quarter of