Windows Phone 8

Snafu Or Sequel? Xbox Live Survey Hints At Unreleased HTC Titan III Windows Phone

In a recently released survey meant for Xbox Live users, Microsoft got a bit curious about people's smartphone preferences. Fair enough -- they've got some skin in the game, after all -- but there was

Windows Phone 8 Random Reboot Fix Coming Over-The-Air Next Month, Says Microsoft

Microsoft will issue an update for Windows Phone 8 next month, to fix a random rebooting problem that can affect the OS, flagged up on user forums. "We’re continuing to investigate some reports of p

Meet Your Match: Microsoft Launches Follow-Up To Smoked By Windows Phone Challenge

Microsoft really seems to enjoy giving users of competing products a few challenges to convince them to switch to its own tools: not only does the company want you to Bing It On, but Microsoft now als

Windows Phone 8 Users Reporting Random Reboots, Freezing; Nokia, HTC Handsets Affected

Some Windows Phone 8 users are reporting problems with random reboots and freezes. It is unclear exactly what is triggering the problems -- and whether they are related or down to specific issues with

Microsoft’s SkyDrive Gets New SDKs For .NET and Windows Phone 8, Integration With IFTTT, DocuSign and SoundGecko

Just about a year ago, SkyDrive launched a new set of APIs and, over the course of the last year, Microsoft's cloud strorage service also rolled out SDKs for virtually every major platform. Today, Mic

Nokia: We’ve Stooped In Smartphones To Conquer In Windows Phone 8 — “We Will Innovate, Out-Maneuver, Outsell Everyone”

Nokia is running ads in Europe for its Windows Phone 8 devices that are emblazoned with the legend 'everyone loves a comeback'. But with Google's Android OS now the undisputed champion of a market Nok

Sprint Will Wait To Launch Windows Phone 8 Until 2013

Windows Phone 8 is hitting Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile this year. But Sprint customers <a target="_blank" href=",2817,2412052,00.asp">will have to wait until 2013</a>

Samsung Ativ Odyssey Image Gets Leaked Ahead Of December Launch

AT&T To Launch $99 Nokia Lumia 920, $49 Lumia 820 On Nov. 9; HTC’s 8X To Arrive “Before Thanksgiving”

Well, there we have it: after vaguely pointing to a <a href="">November launch

What If Apple Went In On A Mobile OS Mashup?

Three mobile operating systems dominate the market: iOS, Android, and now Windows Phone 7/8. Each has their interface strengths — iOS is clean where Android is customizable where WP8 is dynamic.

Microsoft & Urban Airship Team Up To Offer Push Messaging On Windows 8 And Windows Phone 8

Following Monday's <a href="">reveal</a> of Windows Phone 8, the most recent update to Microsoft's

Azure Mobile Services Now Supports Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Announces Azure Store

<a target="_blank" href="">Windows Azure Mobile Services </a>will now support Windows Phone 8. The news came in the keynote this morning at the Build

Microsoft Says Windows Phone 8 Is Like Xbox: Better For Being Late — And Dubs WP8’s Closeness To Windows 8 “A Huge Catalyst”

Microsoft is sounding very bullish about the Sisyphean challenge facing it in the smartphone space: to transform Windows Phone from an also-ran into a serious, top-three smartphone contender -- pointi

Here’s To Another Crazy One: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Narrates Windows Phone 8 Ad

Microsoft is really pushing the personalised angle of Windows Phone 8 -- so much so it's co-opted sometimes over-enthusiastic CEO Steve Ballmer into showing off his own Windows Phone and voicing one o

Hands-On With Samsung’s ATIV S: A Windows Phone 8 Whopper That’s Got Galaxy SIII-Style

The Samsung ATIV S is a whopper of a Windows Phone. Indeed it looks like Samsung has repurposed the Samsung GSIII's generous form to accomodate Microsoft's latest WP8 OS. The phone is very thin and li

Windows Phone 8 Device Availability: Phones Hit Europe This Weekend, U.S. In November

Windows Phone 8 is coming to European carriers this weekend, coming to the rest of the world in November, with devices from Lumia, HTC and Samsung including the 920, 8X and Ativ S hitting online store

Microsoft Adds Rooms To Windows Phone 8’s People Hub For Private Group Messaging, Lists, Location; Rooms Support iPhone, WP7

Another update to Windows Phone 8 that's been announced today is a new feature in the People Hub called Rooms. This allows Windows Phone 8 users to parcel up their contacts so they send group messages

Can I Play With Your Phone? Windows Phone 8’s Kid’s Corner Allows Your Kids To Safely Use Your Phone

Today at the <a href=""></a>Windows Phone 8 press conference, Microsoft unveiled a new feature for the

Live From Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Event In San Francisco

Event cancellations aside, today is still shaping up to be a big day for smartphone fans -- Google has just officially outed some shiny new (if not entirely unexpected) hardware, and we're here at the

Nokia Fully Details The Windows Phone 8-Powered Lumia 822, Coming To Verizon This Fall

Nokia today officially announced that it will be offering the Nokia Lumia 822 as part of its "Fall portfolio," bringing the Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia 820 variant exclusively to Verizon's network.
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