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Developers Can Now Use Facebook Login In Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 Applications

Developers can now use Facebook login inside their Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications, helping users move from the start screen of an app and into its use more quickly. The move lowers the pro

Microsoft Goes WYSIWYG To Broaden The Appeal Of Windows Phone 8 App Development

Microsoft has just revealed an interesting effort to get more apps to the Windows Phone Store, via its new Windows Phone App Studio, a visual, web-based editor for Windows Phone 8 apps, which launches

More Nokia Lumia 1020 Hardware And Camera Details Surface Ahead Of Official Launch

In case you're somehow immune to all of Nokia's incessant teasing, the company's going to unveil a shiny new smartphone on Thursday in hopes that a tremendous camera will endear the thing to the masse

180M Downloads Later, iHeartRadio Migrates To Windows Phone 8

After topping 180 million downloads, the <a href="">iHeartRadio</a> app is finally migrating over to the Windows Phone 8 platform. Starting today, iHeartRadio en

Telefonica To Give Windows Phone 8 An Extra Push To Try To Dilute Android, iOS

Microsoft continues to throw money down the Windows Phone well, perhaps buoyed by signs its ongoing marketing and platform support efforts are shifting the needle a few fractions. Today more evidence

Windows Phone 8 Reportedly Gained A Notification Center Before Losing It Again

When I buy gadgets off of eBay, I'm lucky if half of them haven't previously been gnawef on by dogs. Meanwhile, <a target="_blank" href="

Digital Magazine App Zinio Will Make Its Windows Phone Debut As A Nokia Lumia Exclusive

On the off-chance that you’re running out of things to read on that Windows Phone of yours, just hang tight — you’ll soon have plenty of mobile reading material to dive into. Digital magazine ap

Pandora Makes Its Windows Phone 8 Debut, Gives Users Ad-Free Music Through The End Of The Year

Spotify and Rdio have already made their mark (for better or worse) on Windows Phone 8, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room in the Windows Phone Store for another claimant to the streaming musi

Microsoft Says Windows Phone 8 Support Ends July 2014, Still No Official Successor Announced

Microsoft has published a support document on its website that indicates both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 will stop being supported in the second half of 2014, in July for Windows Phone 8 an

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Store Now Features More Than 130K Apps, 40K New Developers Registered Since WP8 Launch

Microsoft only provides sporadic updates to how the Windows Phone Store is doing, but today, it used the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to offer a few new numbers. According to Microsoft, there ar

The Nokia Lumia 720 Is A Stylish Windows Phone 8 Cameraphone For Self-Conscious Fashionistas

The 3G Nokia Lumia 720 slots into Nokia's Windows Phone 8 portfolio behind its two 4G flagships, the 920 and 820 -- with the aim of pushing some of their fancier features down to a more affordable mid

Hands On With Nokia’s New Entry Level Windows Phone 8 Handset, The Lumia 520 (Heading Stateside In Q2)

The Lumia 520 is Nokia's new entry level Windows Phone device -- costing ~$180 before taxes and coming to the U.S. in Q2. So what do you get for not-too-many dollars? Besides the latest version of Win

A Surface Mini Could Wake Up Windows Phone 8

I love the idea of the Surface: compelling hardware, striking form factor, and, in the case of the Pro, smart compromises to offer a good value. But the products fail to live up to their promise. They

Spotify Lands On Windows Phone 8

<a href="">Spotify</a> has <a target="_blank" href=""

Verizon Said To Be Getting A Flagship Nokia Windows Phone (Codenamed “Laser”) Of Its Own

Don't get me wrong, HTC's Windows Phone 8X is great and all, but the rest of Verizon Wireless' Windows Phone lineup (think the Nokia Lumia 822 and Samsung;s ATIV Odyssey) is a bit lacking in the oomph

Asus Reportedly In Talks With Microsoft To Create Windows 8-Based Padfone Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid

Asus may soon be the next Windows Phone 8 handset OEM partner for Microsoft, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal today. And the company isn't just looking to stick the operating sys

Nokia Launches WP8 Flagships In India: Lumia 920, 820 On Sale From Tomorrow; Lumia 620 Coming In Early February (Not January)

We still don't know how many Windows Phone 8 smartphones Nokia has sold since it started selling WP8-powered Lumias in the U.S. and Europe, back in November, but it's continuing to expand availability

Huawei Outs “Entry-Level” Windows Phone 8: Ascend W1 Packs 4-Inch Screen, Dual-Core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon S4 Chip, Lowly Price Tag?

Huawei isn't just unboxing whopping Android phones at CES, oh no. The Chinese mobile maker is flirting with Microsoft by sticking its toe in the Windows Phone 8 waters. The Ascend W1 appears to be a d

Hands On With Verizon’s Elusive Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone

Samsung's ATIV Odyssey has been a real noodle-scratcher of a device ever since its existence was first hinted at during Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 launch event. Well, consider that particular veil li

HTC Reportedly Scrapping Plans For A Big-Screen Windows Phone 8 Handset

HTC is said to be dropping a planned big-screen Windows Phone 8 smartphone, which was intended to go toe-to-toe with some of the latest Android devices with large displays, including HTC's own Droid D
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