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Opera Releases Beta Of Native Opera Mini 5 App For Windows Mobile Phones

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WinMo 6 upgrade for BlackJack out today

Time to upgrade that dinosaur of an OS on your Samsung BlackJack to a less than tolerable version 6. That’s right, today at 5PM EST you’ll be able download the official upgrade, but don&#8

LG's MS25 coming to America, touchscreen, 3G and all

Europe’s LG KS20 iPhone-espue smartphone is heading to America as the LG MS25, likely to AT&T wireless. The sexy Wi-Fi enabled handset features 3G for GSM, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile 6, and a

WinMo 6 for Treo 750 officialized, ready to roll

Just a quick note for AT&T Treo 750 users: we’ve been led to believe an update to Windows Mobile 6 would be available today, and it didn’t happen, so we didn’t post it. But for s

Glofiish X800 now shipping to channel partners

The adorably misspelled Glofiish X800 is making its way around the world as we speak. This is the same phone that caused our very own Peter Ha to say the following; “The spec sheet is quite impr

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Say hello to the HTC Juno better known as the Shadow from T-mobile. The Shadow marks a brand new day for T-mobile to bring consumers a different look at Windows Mobile 6 that makes it easier and more

Microsoft's sub-$100 Windows Mobile smartphones

So far, one of the things that most smartphones have had in common has been that they’re relatively expensive when they first launch. Microsoft’s trying to buck that trend by releasing som

HTC Phoebus hits FCC, looks just like the Juno [UPDATE]

A new HTC device dubbed Phoebus has breezed by the FCC and surprisingly it looks a lot like the HTC Juno, which we broke a few weeks ago. Some of the features on the Phoebus are strikingly similar to

New Photo Of Asus P750 Smartphone

The Asus P750 is a Smartphone that runs Windows Mobile 6. Ever heard of it? Doesn’t matter. It may or may not be coming here but here’s a new photo of it. It’s got a 520MHz processor

Windows Media 6 Upgrade Now Available for T-Mobile Dashers

Just a quick note: If you use a T-Mobile Dash you should head over to the T-Mobile WM Upgrade page and download the free Windows Mobile 6 package. While it doesn’t fix all of WinMo’s issue

Microsoft Calls iPhone "Irrelevant" For Business Use

The story goes like this: A Microsoft smartphone strategist said the iPhone will be “irrelevant” to business users because there’s no support for Office and it’s a closed devic

UBiQUiO 503G Pocket PC Plays It Safe, Doesn't Stray From The Beaten Path

Oh, look, another Pocket PC from UBiQUiO, the 503G. Like its predecessor, the 501, it still looks suspiciously like the Motorola Q and recycles many of its features. You’ll find that the GSM/GPR

Samsung SPH-M8100 Smartphone Has WinMo6, WiMAX and DMB TV

Samsung’s latest (and greatest?) smartphone, the SPH-M8100, is one of those newfangled Windows Mobile 6 devices and is fully WiMAX compatible. (WiMAX is known as Wibro in Korea.) Other little ge

Windows Mobile 6 Pics on a Treo 750v

As Windows Mobile 6 (aka “Crossbow”) makes its way around the mobile marketplace, the question on my Windows-based smartphone owners is “will it work on my phone?” The answer i

Windows Mobile 6 In Excruciating Detail

I hate long video, but this was basically the only way to show you all what WinMo 6 would look like and include. Take a gander if you dare. The real meat is in the beginning, but it’s interestin

Windows Mobile 6: The Straight Dope

What do we know about Windows Mobile 6? For starters, it’s coming to the T-Mobile Dash before it comes to anything else in the U.S. and it’s also coming to Cingular, but there is definitel

Windows Mobile 6 (Officially) Announced

Alright, this shouldn’t be new to anyone who reads the site regularly, but Windows Mobile 6 is coming. We’ve already reported tons of information on Crossbow, but today there is a little m