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Opera Releases Beta Of Native Opera Mini 5 App For Windows Mobile Phones

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Opera Software</a> has been <a href="

Verizon Drops Low-End Clamshell Windows Mobile Smartphone

, the average-looking flip phone has access to your Exchange server, the ability to read Office documents from your corporate network, and all the other (hard-to-use) goodness of WinMo: Smartphone Edi

Pharos Brings GPS-Enabled Smartphone to USA

We like the E-Ten Glofiish X500, a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone with a true GPS receiver built-in. Pharos will be the first label to carry the handset in America, calling it the GPS Phone, because it&#

Voxtel's Latest Camera (with Smartphone Built-In!)

. The W740 from Voxtel, however, is a potential contender. Sporting a 240×320 touchscreen, 4-megapixel camera (!?), and Bluetooth, the slim, understated smartphone is exactly what a smartphone sh

Don't Hold Your Breath for Treo 750

quarter of 07, which is December-February, not that long, after all. Ed is blaming the delay on certification of “a key product.” Wait, what? Didn’t the 750 pass FCC

Verizon Gets Windows Mobile for New Clamshell Smartphone

<img src=" Trek, the 802 has most of the same features as the GSM phone: a 320×240 main screen, full color secondary screen, Blu

Leaked Samsung SGH-i760 Looks Mmm-Mmm Good

For the past several months I’ve been regularly using the Samsung T809 from T-Mobile. I really dig the slider’s design, features and display, despite the crappy battery life I get from it.

New I-Mate JAQ Photos

Well, well, well, looks like the I-Mate JAQ is one sexy little phone. Mobility Today got the pics to prove it today, direct from I-Mate. Just a little rundown on this thing: Windows Mobile 5, 2.8-inch

Cingular Gets Samsung SGH i607

It looks like I might have found my next phone. Cingular will be offering the Samsung SGH i607 in Q3. This UMTS/HSDPA equipped handset runs Windows Mobile 5 OS and it is said to be particularly capabl