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  • End Of An Era: Windows Live Messenger To Be Retired, Users Transitioned To Skype

    End Of An Era: Windows Live Messenger To Be Retired, Users Transitioned To Skype

    Confirming earlier reports, Microsoft officially announced today it would be retiring its Windows Live Messenger instant messaging service in favor of Skype. In a post on the Skype blog, Tony Bates, Microsoft President, Skype Division, explained that Windows Live Messenger would be retired for all users in the first quarter of 2013, with the only exception being mainland China. Read More

  • Not So Casual: Microsoft To Revitalize MSN Games, Live Messenger And Bing Games

    Microsoft this morning announced several new efforts to gain some ground in the booming social/casual gaming market. The company will be debuting an all-new version of MSN Games (see preview here), bring new social games to instant messaging client Windows Live Messenger and expand Bing Games internationally. Last but not least, Microsoft has struck a partnership with social games… Read More

  • Windows Live Messenger For iPhone Available Now … But Not Everywhere

    Noticed first by The Next Web and Redmond Pie, looks like the Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone has just hit the App Store – but it only landed in certain regions (iTunes link), just like Microsoft’s Bing for iPhone app. Update: commenters say it’s also live in the UK, Canada and France stores. People in Belgium (myself included) and other regions currently appear only… Read More

  • Coming Soon To A Windows Live Profile Near You: Facebook Updates

    Windows Live Profile, the service that essentially turns Windows Live into a non-isolated social network centered around your Windows Live ID, currently pulls in a good deal of updates from third-party services Flickr, Pandora, Twitter, Yelp, and a couple more. You can also insert any RSS feed into the streams, for instance the one for your own blog, and add it to the mix. In case you… Read More

  • Windows Live Messenger Now Lets You Add Chat To Your Website

    In a move to extend the reach of its Windows Live Messenger chat service, Microsoft today released some tools to add chat to Websites. Any Website can add a chat feature and tap into the 320 million active Windows Live Messenger users. It is quick and dirty way to add a social element to any Website, and at the same time it is yet one more distribution point for Live Messenger (consumers… Read More

  • Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Hits Xbox Live Next Month

    Starting next month Xbox Live users will be able to instant message each other and all their Windows Live Messenger (MSN) buddies, be they on a PC, Windows mobile device or the 360 itself. You’ll be able to type using an on-screen keyboard or any ol’ USB keyboard you have laying around. The Spring update to Xbox Live brings not only Windows Live Messenger to the online service… Read More