Windows CE

Bizpad: Panasonic Announces Windows CE Tablet

<img src="" /> It turns out <a href="

Windows CE-powered mini projector

<img src="" /> A pico projector with Windows CE OS 5.0 on board? Yes, there are devices like that. Japan-based Lancerlink <a href="h

Video: Windows CE and Android running simultaneously on a Nokia N800

<img src="" />What's this? Windows CE and <a href="">Android</a> running on the same device? Is the

Upstart gaming system does WiMAX, has large game library, seems cool

They’re saying WiMAX is the future, and it may well be, and many are gambling thusly. Flyvo is doing just that with this WiMAX-enabled handheld gaming system, the G100. Featuring a 4-inch touchs