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Windows 8.1 To Get A Start Button Because Windows Is Dumb Without One

Good news! Microsoft super blogger Paul Thurrott <a target="_blank" href="">details</a> the return of the Start Button and the figurative

Laptop Week Review: The Toshiba Kirabook

Toshiba isn’t exactly known for churning out attractive, high-end notebooks, which is why the company’s new Kirabook is such an oddity. It's a handsome little thing if you're into very (and I mean

Microsoft Confirms It Will Offer Users Their First Taste Of Windows Blue In Late June

Windows 8 launched to mixed reviews just over half a year ago, and Microsoft has dutifully pushed out nearly 740 tweaks and updates over the intervening months. Even so, rumblings of a sizeable update

Microsoft Says It Has Sold More Than 100M Windows 8 Licenses, 250M App Downloads In Last 6 Months, Blue Coming “Later This Year”

By most accounts, Windows 8 isn’t all that popular, but according to Microsoft’s latest numbers, the company has now sold more than 100 million copies of the latest version of its desktop

Windows 8 Wins 7.4% Share Of Global Tablet OS Market In Q1 — “Niche” Portion Still Beats Windows Phone’s Smartphone Share

Don't write off Microsoft's chances in mobile just yet. It may still be struggling to make itself count in the smartphone space but early signs are more promising for Windows plus tablets. Microsoft h

Microsoft Will Reportedly (Sort Of) Bring Back The Start Button In Windows 8.1

Our long, national nightmare is over: according to a <a target="_blank" href="">rumor sourced by the Verge</a>, Redmond will bring bac

Microsoft Confirms Its Plans To Bring Windows 8 To Smaller Touch-Enabled Devices Soon

During its Q3 2013 earnings call today, Microsoft’s outgoing CFO Peter Klein noted that the company plans to bring Windows 8 to smaller devices. Until now, Windows 8 was mostly geared toward des

Microsoft Makes 1,000 Windows 8 Quickstart Kits Available To iOS Developers: $25 For Win 8 Pro & Parallels For Mac

Two weeks ago, Microsoft launched its Windows 8 Quickstart kits for web developers who want to test their web apps on Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 on their Macs. That offer sold out very quickly

Do Consumers Really Want Touch?

It’s a blip: a Russian Microsoft portal aptly named MicrosoftPortal discovered a boolean setting called “CanSuppressStartScreen” that suggests that users of the upcoming version of W

Microsoft Updates Its Bing Apps For Windows 8, Adds Offline Mode, RSS Feeds To News App

Microsoft today launched updates for five out of its six Bing Apps for Windows 8. With this update, the News, Finance, Sports, Travel and Maps apps – all of which are installed by default on Win

Microsoft: jQuery 2.0 Will Add Full Support For Windows Store Apps

The next version of jQuery, the popular JavaScript library, will drop support for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t very bullish about getting developers

Microsoft Will Release Windows Blue Public Preview At Build Conference In June

Microsoft will be releasing an initial public preview release of Windows Blue, its next-generation desktop operating system, at its annual Build developer conference in late June, according to a new r

B&N Sweetens The Deal For Windows 8 Users With Free Nook Books And Magazines

Barnes & Noble content and tablet subsidiary Nook Media, <a href="">part-owned</a> by Microsoft specifically to help boost content

The Windows Store Crosses 50,000 Available Apps For Windows 8 And Windows RT

It's been said that there aren't many apps available for Windows 8. I've said that <a href="">on occasion</a>. But t

Aviary Launches Its Photo Editing SDK For Windows 8 Thanks To AMD Ventures Investment

Aviary, the company that provides a fully customizable SDKs for applications that want to include photo editing, has announced the launch of its Windows 8 SDK in collaboration with AMD and Microsoft.

Twitter Launches Its First Official App For Windows 8 And RT

Twitter just launched its first app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. It’s been a long time coming, but the new app does seem to do the platform justice, with a number of Windows 8-centric features,

After Previously Blocking It, Microsoft Now Enables Flash By Default On IE10 For Windows 8 And RT

Today, Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8’s Metro/Modern UI mode and on Windows RT blocks Flash by default and only allows sites on Microsoft’s curated Compatibility View (CV) lists to play

A Surface Mini Could Wake Up Windows Phone 8

I love the idea of the Surface: compelling hardware, striking form factor, and, in the case of the Pro, smart compromises to offer a good value. But the products fail to live up to their promise. They

BlueStacks Brings Over 750,000 Android Applications To Windows 8 And Surface Pro

<a target="_blank" href="">BlueStacks</a>, the startup bringing Android applications to PCs and Macs, is today releasing a version of its App Player software optimized for new Su

The Microsoft Surface Pro Will Hit The U.S. And Canada On Feb. 9, Starting Price Is $899

It’s about damn time. Microsoft announced the Surface product family on June 18th. After eight months of waiting, Microsoft announced that on February 9, the fully-capable, Windows 8-packing,
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