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Dell Not Releasing 10-Inch Tablet Until Fall

Those waiting to get Dell’s upcoming 10-inch Windows 7 tablet will have to wait a bit longer. According to Forbes, the Rosemount tablet won’t be hitting the shelves until later this fall.

Video: Kinect Controlling Windows 7, Singularity Nears

<img src="" />Let's start our post-<a HREF="">Wrestle

Windows 7 SP1 Incoming Today (But It's Primarily A Bugfix)

<img src="" />A quick heads-up for the Windows 7 users in the crowd. Microsoft will publish Windows 7 SP1 later today. It’s primarily

Exclusive: Opera To Show Off Browser For Windows 7 Tablets, Netbooks At CES

<img src="" /> <a href="">Opera Software</a> on Monday <a href="

IN MEDIA Announces $399 Windows 7 Tablet PC, Shipping Early 2011

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Whether or not Windows 7 has a place on tablets or not, it isn't stopping some brave companies from releasing

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Gloria: 10-inch Win7 Tablet

Some French folks heard a rumor about what appears to be some sort of Samsung Tablet/PC mash-up called the Galaxy Tab Gloria, a 10-inch device with slide down keyboard. While I’m sure that namin

The HP Slate's Future Lies Within The PDA's History

<img src="">Remember the Sony Clie PDA line? Yeah, the big flip-style ones. These were the <a href="

Microsoft Sold 240 Million Windows 7 Licenses In 1 Year

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Windows</a>, Microsoft's ubiquitous operating

Microsoft Sold 240 Million Windows 7 Licenses In 1 Year

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Windows</a>, Microsoft's ubiquitous operating

CEATEC 2010: A Look At Fujitsu's Windows 7 Tablet Prototypes

<img src="" /> Straight from the unicorn department: what you can see on these pictures are two tablet concepts Fujitsu

Onkyo Announces Three Windows 7 Tablets For Japan

<img src="" />Onkyo (yes, that <a href="">Onkyo</a>) just announced that they are producing th

Review: Nav9 Windows 7 Tablet

Short version: It’s a Windows 7 Tablet, and if that makes you laugh derisively, then the product isn’t for you. It’s a decent netbook replacement, bringing its own advantages and dis

Dell's Convertible Netbook-Tablet Actually Looks Really Cool

<img src="" />I have to hand it Dell for this one. That design is killer, even if it's running Windows 7 on an Atom. Sure

A Massive War Is Approaching As The Tablet Market Cannot Sustain Six Separate Platforms

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of war. Better choose your side soon, too. The tablet wars are going to get nasty. Apple’s army is prepped, already backed by over 3 million zealous iPad

Whither the Ubuntu Tablets?

<img src="" />The iPod revolutionized the portable media player market. The iPhone shook up the smart phone market. The iPad is se

Windows 7 Tablet Interface Got You Down? Try FrontFace

Windows 7 is a great tablet platform, but it’s just not as sexy as Android, or the iPad. Luckily people have been making custom interfaces for Windows products for years, and Windows 7 is no exc

Microsoft Begins MGS Mobile Gaming Studio Presumably For Windows 7 Phone Games

<img src="" />And now it looks like <a HREF="">Microsoft</a> is getting into the mobile video gam

Windows 7 Now More Popular Than Vista (But XP Still King)

<img src="" />Usage of <a HREF="">Windows 7</a> had finally passed that of Windows Vista, a

10 Things Microsoft Can Do To Make A Real Tablet Platform

Many pixels have been spilled over Steve Ballmer’s admission that “[Apple has] sold certainly more [iPads] than I’d like them to have sold.” As Ars points out, Ballmer just doe

HP, Read Our Comments, Consumers Want The Windows 7 Slate, Too

<img src="">HP revealed most of <a href="">its tablet st
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