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  • CEATEC 2010: A Look At Fujitsu's Windows 7 Tablet Prototypes

    Straight from the unicorn department: what you can see on these pictures are two tablet concepts Fujitsu is currently showing at CEATEC 2010 in Japan. The hardware looks quite nice in both cases, but the “devices” were not only hidden behind plexi-glass boxes but also not really working – not at all, actually. Fujitsu just used printed glossy paper for the screens. Read More

  • Onkyo Announces Three Windows 7 Tablets For Japan

    Onkyo (yes, that Onkyo) just announced that they are producing three different Windows 7 tablet computers for Japan. The bad news is there’s no word on if they will ever show up in the US. Read More

  • Review: Nav9 Windows 7 Tablet

    Short version: It’s a Windows 7 Tablet, and if that makes you laugh derisively, then the product isn’t for you. It’s a decent netbook replacement, bringing its own advantages and disadvantages to the table, and while you may (rightly) mock its usability, you can’t deny its versatility. Read More

  • Dell's Convertible Netbook-Tablet Actually Looks Really Cool

    I have to hand it Dell for this one. That design is killer, even if it’s running Windows 7 on an Atom. Sure, it looks incredibly breakable, and it’ll never be as sleek as a dedicated tablet, but damn, that’s a great way to do a convertible. Read More

  • A Massive War Is Approaching As The Tablet Market Cannot Sustain Six Separate Platforms

    Can you hear that? It’s the sound of war. Better choose your side soon, too. The tablet wars are going to get nasty. Apple’s army is prepped, already backed by over 3 million zealous iPad owners. But the Google Android horde is quickly banding together and will soon offer countless weapons from several major CE houses and dozens of smaller camps. Google is also quietly forming… Read More

  • Whither the Ubuntu Tablets?

    The iPod revolutionized the portable media player market. The iPhone shook up the smart phone market. The iPad is setting the standard for the revived tablet market. What is it about Apple that makes these products so great? In part it’s Apple’s dedication to user experience; but I’d argue that the larger factor in their success is Apple’s end-to-end control of the product. Read More

  • Windows 7 Tablet Interface Got You Down? Try FrontFace

    Windows 7 is a great tablet platform, but it’s just not as sexy as Android, or the iPad. Luckily people have been making custom interfaces for Windows products for years, and Windows 7 is no exception. In fact, German developer Mirabyte has been working on a rather promising looking interface. Check out the video after the jump: Read More

  • Microsoft Begins MGS Mobile Gaming Studio Presumably For Windows 7 Phone Games

    And now it looks like Microsoft is getting into the mobile video game “space.” Redmond has posted on its careers Web site that it is looking for people to staff its new MGS Mobile Gaming studio. (MGS stands for Microsoft Games.) You have a better chance of attracting their attention if you have C# and Xbox Live programming experience. Read More

  • Windows 7 Now More Popular Than Vista (But XP Still King)

    Usage of Windows 7 had finally passed that of Windows Vista, according to data from Net Applications. As it stands, 14.46 percent of Internet users are using Windows 7, compared to 14.34 percent for Windows Vista. The king remains Windows XP, which stands at a remarkable 61.9 percent—remarkable because XP is nearly 9 years old. Read More