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CEATEC 2010: A Look At Fujitsu's Windows 7 Tablet Prototypes

<img src="" /> Straight from the unicorn department: what you can see on these pictures are two tablet concepts Fujitsu

Onkyo Announces Three Windows 7 Tablets For Japan

<img src="" />Onkyo (yes, that <a href="">Onkyo</a>) just announced that they are producing th

Review: Nav9 Windows 7 Tablet

Short version: It’s a Windows 7 Tablet, and if that makes you laugh derisively, then the product isn’t for you. It’s a decent netbook replacement, bringing its own advantages and dis

Dell's Convertible Netbook-Tablet Actually Looks Really Cool

<img src="" />I have to hand it Dell for this one. That design is killer, even if it's running Windows 7 on an Atom. Sure

A Massive War Is Approaching As The Tablet Market Cannot Sustain Six Separate Platforms

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of war. Better choose your side soon, too. The tablet wars are going to get nasty. Apple’s army is prepped, already backed by over 3 million zealous iPad

Whither the Ubuntu Tablets?

<img src="" />The iPod revolutionized the portable media player market. The iPhone shook up the smart phone market. The iPad is se

Windows 7 Tablet Interface Got You Down? Try FrontFace

Windows 7 is a great tablet platform, but it’s just not as sexy as Android, or the iPad. Luckily people have been making custom interfaces for Windows products for years, and Windows 7 is no exc

Microsoft Begins MGS Mobile Gaming Studio Presumably For Windows 7 Phone Games

<img src="" />And now it looks like <a HREF="">Microsoft</a> is getting into the mobile video gam

Windows 7 Now More Popular Than Vista (But XP Still King)

<img src="" />Usage of <a HREF="">Windows 7</a> had finally passed that of Windows Vista, a

10 Things Microsoft Can Do To Make A Real Tablet Platform

Many pixels have been spilled over Steve Ballmer’s admission that “[Apple has] sold certainly more [iPads] than I’d like them to have sold.” As Ars points out, Ballmer just doe

HP, Read Our Comments, Consumers Want The Windows 7 Slate, Too

<img src="">HP revealed most of <a href="">its tablet st

Download the Windows 7 SP1 public beta right now

<img src="">It's hard to imagine that <a href="">Windows 7</a> could ge

Windows XP still going strong: 74 percent of work computers use it

<img src="" />Ah yeah, XP. You continue to be the man, nine years later. I'm still rocking XP myself, and see no reason to do otherwis

Windows 7 Sells 7 Copies Every Second, 150 Million Copies Total Sold So Far

<img src=""> The Windows operating system upgrade cycle is in full swing. Microsoft has sold <a href="

Windows Embedded Compact 7 now available, wins award for most generic name in computing

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Microsoft</a> has made Windows Embedded Compact 7 available for download

Asus squirts out a Windows-powered EEE Pad

I know you’re probably conked out on an Adirondack chair with a Blue Moon in your hand by now, but listen up: Asus just announced they’re making a 10- and 13-inch EEE tablet. Welcome back

Hewlett-Packard To Kill Windows 7 Tablet Project

<img src='' class="shot" alt="" /><a href="">Hewlett-Packard</a> has killed off its much bal

Will the Microsoft Windows 7-Office 2010 bus tour stop in your home town?

<img src="" />Get on the Bus indeed, <a HREF="">Microsoft</a>. Folks from The Big M will be driving

Windows 7 SP1 beta appears on torrent sites

<img src="">Anyone feeling particularly frisky this morning? 'Cause it doesn't take too much work to find what is supposed to be Window

Windows 7 market share growing

<img src="" />Don't look now, but Windows 7 is taking over. And while Vista is still in the number 2 spot overall, Windows 7 has reache
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