windows 7 launch party

  • Windows 7 Launch Party hosts: Are you planning on actually having the party?

    If you’re a Windows 7 Launch Party host like me, you’ve probably gone through a wave of emotion. First you were probably stoked that you were chosen, you then probably had fun with everyone else over the awful launch party videos and hand-outs, and then last week, you probably got the sweet party kit that contains a special version of Windows 7 Ultimate. But are you now dreading… Read More

  • Unboxing the Windows 7 Launch Party kit

    My Windows 7 Launch Party kit is finally here! As you may recall, I was selected to host one of these Windows 7 Launch Parties. I’m so lucky. Oh, man, look at all this stuff.¬†Streamers, balloons, party bags, playing cards, a¬†puzzle, and a poster!!! Microsoft sure knows how to throw a party. Add some jello shots and a beer bong, and this party should be crazy. Oh, and the fact that I… Read More

  • The Windows 7 Launch Party packs ship out to hosts

    Great news, fellow Windows 7 Launch Party hosts. Your party pack should arrive soon. Be on the lookout for a UPS tracking email. Mine’s set to arrive this Friday. Now, all I need is some clever party games. And a few guests, too. Maybe I should watch the instructional videos again for some tips. Read More

  • I was selected to host a Windows 7 Launch Party!

    Guys, I’m really excited. I’m stoked that Microsoft choose me, ME, to host a Windows 7 Launch Party. That’s right, lame ol’ Burns is going to host a Windows 7 party. I just got my confirmation email saying I was a finalist and to head over to ASAP. Once I filled out all the steps to create a party webpage and invite my guests, I got the email above… Read More