wind top

  • MSI's Wind Top AE: sexy, compact, touchscreen and affordable all-in-one?

    I have to say, this is a — excuse me — a damn fine looking all-in-one PC. Why, if it weren’t for the somewhat out-of-place strip of leather, I might just nab one of these Wind Top AE2010 things right now. Actually, I have no use for all-in-ones, but for the budget-and-design-conscious PC user, this thing looks like the holy grail. Even the specs are nice. Read More

  • MSI intros the touchscreen Wind Top all-in-one US models

    We spied the hot MSI Wind Top in the past but now we are finally seeing what the US market models will look like. We’re getting two different models here in the States and both sport a 1.3MP webcam and a 18.5-inch, 1366 x 768 touchscreen that supports multi-touch goodness via MSI-built photo viewing software. No word on the larger 20- or 22-inch models for us here though. Read More