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Vaavud Takes To Kickstarter Again For A New Smartphone Wind Meter That Tracks Direction

Kickstarter has been around long enough that the Kickstarter double-dip is now a well-established thing – basically it's the practice of a company returning to the crowdfunding well to secure the re

Vaavud Raises $375K To Tame The Wind With Your Smartphone

A Kickstarter success has just closed its seed funding round, raising $375,000 to continue its work of measuring the wind using a network of smartphones with a low-cost, electronics-free hardware acce

Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter Now Available, Use Your Phone To Measure Windspeed Like It’s The Future

Kickstarter success Vaavud is a thing of beauty. Created by a Danish team of enterprising inventors, it plugs into your iPhone or Android device's headphone jack and connects with an app to tell you t

Vavuud Wind Meter For Smartphones Contains No Electronics, Delivers Accurate Ground Wind Speed Readings

Smartphones have a lot of on-board sensors, but do they really have enough? No way, say a slew of recent hardware startups, of which Danish Vavuud is only the most recent. Vavuud is turning to Kicksta