Google Confirms It Has Acquired Android Smartwatch Maker WIMM Labs

Google has confirmed it acquired WIMM Labs last year, a company that previously made an Android-powered smartwatch before shuttering operations in 2012. At the time a message on its website said it ha

Wimm Labs VP Tim Twerdahl Shows Off The Android-Powered Wimm One Smart Watch

There are plenty of smart watches out there in the world. The iPod Nano doubles as one, and the new MotoACTV watch is a pretty solid offering, as well. But over at Wimm Labs, they're taking the concep

Hands On With The Wimm One Data Device

We first talked about the <a HREF="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2011/08/02/the-tiny-wimm-communications-device-allows-for-wearable-communications/">Wimm One</a> in August, noting that no wearable devic

The Tiny WIMM Communications Device Allows For Wearable Communications

Like a miniaturized, wearable <a HREF="https://beta.techcrunch.com/tag/Chumby">Chumby</a>, the WIMM micro communications device looks interesting and, given enough support and interest, could actually