Lenovo, Acer, and Toshiba all rocking the WiMAX in their lappies

Oh my! Three of the biggest laptop makers out there all announcing 4G/WiMAX/XOHM service. All on the same day, too. It’s almost as if it was planned. Acer has it in their big ones, Toshiba has i

WiMax testing in Baltimore: Nickjr.com loads in 15 seconds

Laptop Magazine, the most popular laptop magazine in the Scranton Airport, jetted down to Baltimore where they tested Sprint’s XOHM service in the wild. The results, when compared to Verizon EV-

Sprint (finally) launches Xohm aka WiMAX network in Baltimore

It’s real, ladies and germs. Sprint’s much anticipated and often thought vaporware service has finally gone live in Baltimore. The WiMAX service dubbed Xohm is 4G and boasts download speeds of 2-4

Art Lebedev Studio shows off Scartel WiMax handset concepts

The design studio of Art Lebedev, perhaps most well known for their pocket-melting Optimus OLED keyboard, has been working on some WiMax handset concepts for Scartel, a Russian wireless carrier with p

Motorola intros its first WiMAX adapter – the USBw 100

The WiMAX rollout should be right ’round the corner and Motorola is here with the USBw 100 adapter just in time. The companies first WiMAX device is coming in three tasty flavors – 2.3GHz

Nortel updates WiMax competitor to handle 60 mph speeds

Note the BS The biggest issue with 4G networks is handover. When you’re speeding down the highway, your cellphone and wireless devices constantly hop from station to station, picking up connecti

Chrysler to offer $499 EVDO car routers

Instead of being stuck behind some A-hole driving 20 miles per hour under the speed limit while talking on his cell phone, you’ll soon be stuck behind a very similar A-hole trying to balance a lapto

Official WiMAX rollout begins in September

After being delayed and delayed again, Sprint appears to finally be ready to roll out its high-speed WiMAX network, XOHM. The service will be offered to consumers in Baltimore starting in September. I

Upstart gaming system does WiMAX, has large game library, seems cool

They’re saying WiMAX is the future, and it may well be, and many are gambling thusly. Flyvo is doing just that with this WiMAX-enabled handheld gaming system, the G100. Featuring a 4-inch touchs

Intel shows off Centrino 2 in Asus laptop, but you can't have it yet

Centrino 2 has finally seen the public, as Intel is previewing its next-gen wireless chipset this week at Computex. The chipset, known alternately as Montevina, features optional WiMAX connectivity as

Wi-Fi could beat WiMax to the long-distance punch

An older technology, InspiAir was supposed to be the Wi-Fi of its day. It cost less than Wi-Fi and offered a 1 mile signal radius and considerably lower power at about 1MBps. A Dutch company, KMC Syst

Can FON create a worldwide, wireless Internet?

Ready for worldwide, wireless Internet access? Keep dreaming! You remember FON, right? There’s a small piece in the International Herald Tribune that tries to explain why the hippie-sounding ser

Sequans announces tiny WiMax chip that brings it all together.

Sequans Communications just announced their new sixth WiMax chip, the SQN1170. It packs baseband, RF, and memory into one tight package, squeezing in at about the size of a penny. Read more…

Is this WiMAX card destined for MacBooks?

Intel doesn’t want you to know, but the FCC made this public anyway. That company they call Chipzilla is releasing a new Wi-fi/WiMAX combo card with the same form factor as the one in current Ma

Sprint: Xohm's ready to roll

Sprint’s finally giving the thumbs up to its Xohm service, currently being tested in the DC area. Xohm is Sprint’s deployment of WiMAX, and it has spent millions getting it ready as a 4G n

Cablevision to roll out Wi-Fi broadband in NY area

Cablevision, a regional ISP here in the north-east, will roll outwireless broadband coverage over the next two years. Unlike Comcast and Time Warner’s similar Clearwire venture, which uses WiMax

Sprint, Clearwire merge wireless broadband units

As expected, Clearwire and Sprint have announced that they’ve merged to become a $14.55 billion wireless comms company. The newly formed company will be called Clearwire with Sprint Nextel having a

Rumor: Sprint and Clearwire closing WiMAX partnership deal?

Speaking of Xohm, Sprint’s WiMAX initiative, rumors are swirling around Wall Street that Sprint will announce a partnership with Clearwire tomorrow, unifying their two disparate networks as one

Xohm again delayed for back-end connectivity issues

Sprint’s Xohm WiMAX networks is facing another delay, though this one’s not because of faulty technology or delays in development, but because the T1 lines carriers traditionally use as th

Nokia N810 WiMAX edition priced like we told you a month ago

We told you how much it would be a month ago, but some people just don’t listen. We’re off by a few dollars, but we were correct in our initial claim. I don’t understand how it&#8217
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