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  • SimCity Creator Will Wright’s New App Wants To Create A Graphic Novel Of Your LIfe

    SimCity Creator Will Wright’s New App Wants To Create A Graphic Novel Of Your LIfe

    The creator of SimCity, Will Wright, has come out with a new app called THRED — and it isn’t a game. Instead, Wright describes it as a natively built way to browse “the World Wide Web” in a more pure sense. The THRED app is essentially a collection of pieces of content that range anywhere from games, photos, locations and such strung together in a thread in a cover… Read More

  • Is life nothing more than a fancy computer simulation?

    The Science Channel has a new series that debuted last night called “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.” The first episode discussed the idea of the creator. That is, how did all this stuff (people and all the other life on Earth, stars, planets, etc.) get here? Is there some nice, wise old man in the sky sitting on a heavenly La-Z-Boy orchestrating everything around us, or… Read More

  • Will Wright says he should have been more involved in DRM planning for Spore

    Will Wright, the brains behind Spore, Civilization and The Sims, finally spoke his mind yesterday about the now infamous Spore-DRM brouhaha. It’s a strange reaction, I think. It [the DRM] was something I probably should have tuned into more. It was a corporate decision to go with DRM on Spore… I think one of the most valid concerns about it was you could only install it so many times. Read More

  • Spore cracked, already all over BitTorrent

    Will Wright’s Spore officially comes out on Tuesday, and it’s already raking in the positive press. But perhaps you want to play the game this weekend, what do you do then? You turn to BitTorrent, of course. Release group RELOADED cracked the game’s SecureROM encryption, and now the game’s all over the usual sites: The Pirate Bay, Mininova, etc. (I probably… Read More

  • Video: Will Wright explains why you'll play Spore, even if you say you won't

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=35821 Do you want to see a video of Will Wright explaining Spore for the 80 billionth time? Yes you do. While I’m not about to ask Wright to pee on me, it’s hard not to look forward to the game’s release, especially when I’ve never played any of his games before. via Rock, Paper, Shotgun (my new favorite game site, btw) Read More

  • Spore Not Delayed, Still On Track for Spring 2008

    It was all just a big misunderstanding, that’s all. Yesterday’s news suggesting that Will Wright’s Spore had been axed was the product of “misinformation.” An EA rep phoned Next Gen to dash the rumor, saying that the game is still currently scheduled to come out during the early part of the 2009 fiscal year, which starts in April 2008. So, Spring ’08 then. Read More

  • Spore About To Become Vaporware

    ‘Tis a shame, but it’s nothing new in the software industry. Will Wright’s highly-anticipated Spore has now been postponed yet again and is looking like it’ll never be released to the awaiting world. Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, says that game has now gone from fiscal year ’08 to fiscal year ’09, essentially meaning that the game has no… Read More

  • SXSW 2007: Will Wright Keynote Livebloggin'

    This Just In: Will Wright breaks arm in horrible Sims accident.
    Will Wright is about to take the stage for the final keynote of the SXSW Interactive summit. The Hilton ballroom is more packed than I’ve seen it for any of the other keynotes. Hordes of SXSWers of all shapes and sizes. I see everything from fanboys to, well, people who are slightly less fanboyish. Nevertheless, this looks… Read More

  • Vaporware 2006

    Wired this morning released its annual vaporware list. It features several new entries from the likes of SED TVs, Will Wright, Skype and more. But, of course, what would a vaporware list be without the most vaporized product of all? That’s right, Duke Nukem Forever, the reigning king of vapor, returns for a record five total years in first place. Wired managed this comment from… Read More